Explore with me?

Go on then. Here I am she said excitedly. Take me and break me and bend me and shape me. Anything you want. Any way you want. I am yours. I belong to you now. Exciting isn’t it? You could do this or you could so that. You might want to try this and you […]

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eye contact and hungry eyes

Hungry Eyes – Kink of the Week

You know that feeling when you are looking at someone from across the room? Watching them and thinking about them and then they catch you? You glance away but your eyes are drawn back and you make eye contact again but your eyes lock this time? That happened to us. It happened a few times […]

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star and lights

All we need is a star on top

She had bought the laser lights for him, thinking they would look nice for Christmas. He had set them up while she was out, working hard to make sure that they fell correctly across the house. It hadn’t been easy and there was a lot of trial and error to get them level as the […]

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Dom Rod

Dom Rod is the term lovingly used to describe the arousal and subsequent stiffness of cock which is sported by a male Dom during acts of Dominance. It is not my term originally as it was coined by PurpleSole and littlegem but when they used it during our chat the other night, it was felt […]

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