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Tell Me About … Dominance and submission

The new year has left me thinking about my direction, both as a submissive and as a blogger. I get so much from writing on my blog and the reflection which comes from it has really allowed space for me to grow and to learn. About a year and a […]

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Holding Space — | The SafeworD/s Club

This post was written by kisungura and is on the blog at The SafeworD/s Club but I wanted to post it here too as I thought it touched on issues which might be relevant to others. There are times when I need to be broken by him, taken apart and […]

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The SafeworD/s Club

Our new site, The SafeworD/s Club, is now open for business so please come along, register and have a look around. We would love you to join us for our opening night on Friday 16th June from 8pm until 8am (British Summer Time). We hope to see you there. HisLordship […]

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