A hug a snug and a fug

I am a bit mixed on hugging. I do like it but only with the right person. I know that there are lots of health benefits to hugging due to the release of Oxytocin and dopamine, but I would be choosy about who I wanted to hug really. If I […]

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Ideas, and ideas, and ideas

I have lots of ideas. Ideas seem to come and go for me and flood my mind. I can get carried away and I often try to get HL to buy into these initiatives. Often he does, but he also asks questions and slows me down at points. It can […]

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The worst week

The Worst Week

Wow – what a week. I have honestly never experienced such a range of emotions in such an ever changing landscape before. I know that people are probably fed up hearing about and reading about the effects of Covid-19, but I often write to process because it is something that […]

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sport mat in arm

Being a good sport

I like to think that I am a good sport, but that does not mean that I am good at sport. Oh no. Sport really is not my thing. I am lucky that there is nothing physically wrong with me which prevents me being able to take part so it […]

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intent and impact

Intent and impact

Intent and impact, and the relationship between them, is something I have been thinking about a bit recently. There has also been some discussion in other forums around it and so I want to state my intent in writing this piece really clearly. This is about me and my response. […]

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time travel - in white cowboy boots

Slipping in time

I am funny about messing with time. There are things I would change, of course, if I had my time over, but I wouldn’t go back given the choice as I worry that it would affect other things. I think that if you mess with what is or what could […]

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Privacy and its problems

Privacy is a big issue with us. I do not hide the fact that we have to keep our online activity secret from the vanilla world, which really impacts on us being cautious both ways around. But in addition we have difficulties with a different sort of privacy and that […]

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flaunting myself

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

I am not very good at flaunting myself. I tend not to have the confidence to do it, although I would like to. I have been able to do it before and have enjoyed it. It has only come at a time when I felt really good about myself, usually […]

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missy reading the great gatsby

The Great Gatsby – One Book

One book that I love is ‘The Great Gatsby’. I fell in love with it when I was 17 and I have remained true, dipping into it over the years, watching the various film adaptations, and once, even teaching it.  The copy here is the original that I bought back […]

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missy watching from a window

Window watching

There is something about watching from a window. It feels like time well spent on the observations made. Meaningless in themselves, they require nothing from me in terms of response and yet, each picture evokes a response regardless. What looks like a simple daydream from the outside, is actually the […]

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So I know that I am later with my Masturbation Monday post than I would like to be. I also know that this isn’t about masturbation and that it doesn’t fit the prompt. However, Kayla has always been very gracious in allowing a variety of posts and, as someone who […]

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Showing Stigma the Finger

Showing Stigma the Finger

I have been fortunate not to have suffered a lot of stigma in my life, but when I saw an email from Hot Octopuss yesterday explaining their #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign, I felt it was such a good cause that I wanted to take part. Anything that raises the profile of a […]

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Fear, insecurity, anxiety and self-doubt

There’s a fear. Fear of falling behind, of not meeting others’ expectations of me, of being left behind because I am just too slow and not good enough to keep up. And that is my life. I am well and truly over committed and falling behind; not meeting my own […]

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The road not taken

The road not taken for a very long time

I have written about discovering that I was submissive before and, little pitch coming up, even had a piece called ‘Submission and Me‘ published in ‘Discovery; An Eroticon Anthology’.  I have wondered about why it took me until I was in my 40s to work it all out and why […]

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Now that’s awkward!

The prompt word for Wicked Wednesday this week is AWKWARD.  Well I have been in a lot of awkward situations in my lifetime but the ones which are more relevant to here are concerning the two different areas of my life: kinky and non-kinky.  While some overlap goes unnoticed, there […]

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Writing: The what and the why

I have always enjoyed writing but it isn’t something felt I was good at as a young person. I wrote stories which I made into books as a child, but when my sister started the same thing, it was hers that my parents held in esteem. I suppose after a […]

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