A Tale of Long Ago (or don’t believe the wise old woman)


In my last post, Living the Happily Ever After, I described HisLordship as the handsome knight who has swept me off my feet and whisked me away to his dark castle where he will do the things that I desire but that have never been spoken. This reminded me of something that happened in my past, so it is not really D/s related at all, but as it is still part of my long ago journey, I thought I would still include it. Unfortunately it is the tale of a previous relationship which happened once upon a time and did not, itself, end happily ever after. Continue reading

Living the Happily Ever After


Sometimes when you do a thing a lot, you can lose sight of the wonder of it. It can be easy, I think, to let things become usual or normal or everyday. Although I hate to say it I think this is also true of ttwd. This thing that we do becomes exactly that – the thing that we do and because of that it can become as much part of our lives as anything. I remember when we first started, in the throws of sub-frenzy, I had an almost magical feeling about me. It was like the world became altered somehow and I was passing through, going about the same motions but living in my own dark and secret and exciting bubble. Continue reading

A re-set spank


I wrote in Spanking Uncovered that sometimes we used spanking for a re-set. By a re-set I mean that we will use it to re-set the dynamic when things have slipped sometimes. This can happen for a variety of reasons from one of us coming out of the correct mindset, to things taking a bit of a back seat due to health, to having to deal with something challenging outwith our relationship. Sometimes the spank just reaffirms the roles that we have both agreed to take by demonstrating the power exchange and sometimes it can be more of a form of maintenance of it. Spanking is certainly not the only thing that we would use for this, but it is a bit of a go to strategy as it is pretty quick and effective for us. Continue reading

Path to the Summit?

This is the second part, or the follow up to my earlier post: Submissive Plateau?


HisLordship and I had already discussed some of my thoughts about the fact that I may have reached a plateau in my submission before I wrote the previous post. I had not really worked through my thoughts and so although he had an idea, reading the actual post helped to explain what I was feeling. He had also had time to think about how he felt about what I had said, so we were able to have a good discussion about it afterwards. As with anything like this, it takes us a while of mulling through things to be sure what we want to do, so although he had said that he thought he did want to push things a bit further, he hadn’t stated definitively that was what he was going to do.  Continue reading

Submissive Plateau?

I wrote this post before and didn’t post it initially. I showed it to HisLordship and have decided now to post it as a sort of two-part post so this is Part one. Here is a link to Part two.


The last few days has got me to thinking that I may have reached a plateau in terms of my submission.  I am not upset about this as I am really pretty delighted to be where I am; we formalised our commitment to live in a D/s dynamic coming up for three years ago now and when I look back at how far I have come on my personal journey, there is no way that I could be disappointed. And there is also no way that I could go back, so I suppose what I am pondering is whether or not I will continue to take my submission to a deeper level, or whether I will be content to just enjoy the place that I am now at.  Continue reading

Being Beautiful


More and more I feel that I am changing. I feel that I am able to escape from some of the poorer ideas that life leaves you with and indulge my emotions in the more positive ones. I guess it is because so much of how you see yourself is made of how you feel about who you are and much less about how you actually are. I would say that this goes for personality, behaviour and physical appearance for me, but it is definitely the case that someone else seeing the positives and reinforcing those, has helped. Continue reading

Training the mind and the body


My head tends to be a busy place to be. This is normal for me and I have come to accept it, but it is not always conducive to being a good submissive. The Dominance helps of course and it is one of the big attractions for me. Especially in the bedroom, it is a way of switching off the thoughts which can plague me and stop my focus being where I want it to be.  This was part of our recent discussion about areas for growth. I asked HisLordship to help me to work on my submission in a number of areas, and one of them was working on my mindset, especially in the morning. Continue reading