I can see clearly now the rain has gone


HisLordship was working away last week. Usually this would be something that would be hard to get through as the usual routine is disrupted and the time that you usually have to connect with each other is suddenly not available. Sometimes it will be easier than others of course. I think that those who have periods apart regularly or those who have done periods of long distance will have a bag of tools that they use in order to keep each other close, but some of us are not in that situation. Sir and I have been apart before of course but this is not a regular thing. There are other factors too such as access to a wifi connection when away and being in a compatible time zone, but usually we will plan for whatever is ahead and be creative in doing what we can to keep the closeness from a distance. Continue reading


Two New Rules


I wrote back a few weeks ago about us choosing to bring more discipline into our relationship. We have never been as rule focussed as some couples and therefore punishment has not played a big part, but recently we did decide to change this a bit. We have a lot of rules that have become second nature to us now and these revolve largely around behaviour which is respectful and considerate of HisLordship. He will pull me up for things that I do which don’t take account of this but largely speaking, I would say that I manage to meet his expectations most of the time. Continue reading

Three Years of submission

three heartsI mentioned in my last post the reasons why we decided to begin a D/s relationship which made me reflect. Reading back over my post Two Years of submission where I wrote about where we had come in the first two years made me think about this third year. Because the changes in a relationship and in yourself happen gradually, you are not always aware of how significant they are, but when I look at where I stand now, I can see that things have changed quite considerably this year, for me and for HisLordship and for us. Continue reading

Part of the story


So here I am at the end of the term and the start of two weeks off work.  Have I managed better than before? Not really I don’t think. I have been absolutely exhausted and by the last two weeks this actually manifested itself as me feeling quite angry.  I was still able to laugh with my office-sharing colleague, who is under similar pressure himself, about how grumpy I had become but I could really feel the difference in myself. We like to say that we have a ‘can do’ attitude in our office, but not the past few weeks. It has been very much a ‘taking no passengers’ type service. Some of that felt quite good in a way as I usually bend myself backwards, often for very little thanks, but the reason for the change was not a good thing.  Continue reading

Hello Yellow

World Mental Health Day10th October 2017 (1)Tomorrow is World Metal Health day so I wanted to take a minute just to raise awareness for that.  At work we are wearing a ‘touch of yellow’ in order to highlight this as there are growing numbers of young people in schools who are managing with mental health issues.  Since joining the wonderful world of Domination and submission I have made loads of amazing friends but I have been surprised by the numbers of those who are managing, or who have managed, mental health issues of some sort. Clearly I do not believe that there is a link between D/s and mental health issues, quite the opposite in fact.  In reality a large number of then people who I have spoken to actually feel that the D/s has helped them to manage their difficulties in a positive way. Continue reading

200 Posts

post-milestone-200-2xIt turns out that yesterday’s post was my 200th here on WordPress.  I was quite surprised as I never would have considered myself a writer and would not have expected to have written so much.  When I started out I really just wanted to be able to share my journey with others in the hope that someone else might relate to it and it might be of some help, and also to connect with people online who I could learn from.  That has happened in a much bigger way than I anticipated and I really have gained hugely from writing here. Continue reading

Stuck in a dip


I am never sure whether I want to write about dips or not as it seems a bit negative. But they do happen and sometimes when you are stuck in one that is what you need to talk about. Although dips aren’t nice, I do think that they are a natural part of the ebb and flow of life and sometimes they are just where you end up. And depending on the circumstance, sometimes they are a place that you just need to endure until things perk up a bit and the stuff of life moves on to something easier to manage.   Continue reading