Excited, Nervous – Save the Date!

HL and I have attended Eroticon for the past two years. In short, we have been inspired, motivated and enthused by what we learned there. We have also felt welcomed, included and accepted by a whole community of people who are altruistic, encouraging and who we are excited to be […]

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Astrology - chinese chart

Astrology – A lot of old poppycock?

I am not much into astrology as the title of my post might suggest. I did read the little blurbs on the back pages of ‘Patches’ when I was young so that I could check out what was in my stars for romance, but I can’t say that I ever […]

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Being the submissive

Being the submissive in our Relationship

First of all I would like to start by making a distinction that for me, being a submissive or the submissive is not the same as being submissive.  A submissive (noun) is the name for someone who adopts a submissive role within a power exchange dynamic, in my case this […]

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Back to Work

Next week is back to work for me. Having a 6 week holiday is fantastic although it means that I slip very easily into a different life. It has felt like a good fit and although I love my job, I feel a bit reluctant to go back to rushing […]

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punished for playing - Lying with the satsifyer luxury high fashion across the body

The Price to Play

I don’t often write about being punished and part of that is the fact that usually I am very good at sticking to the rules and expectations for behaviour. I am not the sort of submissive who pushes things just to see and am more likely to follow the correct […]

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Dom in a suit

Dom in a Suit

Dom in a suit is a post which follows on from When it’s complicated, and gives a little more detail about one of the main ways that our dynamic was affected by the shift caused by the work situation that we found ourselves in. It marks the return of HL to […]

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When it’s complicated

Complicated is a word that I have used to describe the changes that we have dealt with over the past while. I try not to speak in negative terms because that feels unfair when we are so lucky and we have so much. What was difficult was dealing with the […]

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The Innocent Selfie

HL is a fan of the selfie. In fact, it is one of the ways that he uses to remind me of his ownership of me. Sunday: I will require you to send me a picture of you in your underwear each morning this week. A simple enough instruction on […]

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Crazy for You and for Everything

Crazy feels good for me. It holds an attraction that I just can’t shake and this has been with me for a long time. I am very normal. And I know better than to use that word – it alienates and it excludes, but it is anyway. And in many […]

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A Risky Business

This is the follow on post to Staying Focussed where I said that I was in a dilemma as to whether I continue down the path I am on, or veer either to the left or to the right. I don’t know whether to continue to split my focus between both […]

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Staying Focussed

I have not written anything, or posted here, for a week and four days. That is pretty much unheard of in the history of my blog and it feels odd. It feels a little like I have ignored a friend, but while that thought and the accompanying feeling has been […]

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sexy Heels and fishnets

Do you think I’m sexy

If you want my body and you think I’m sexy Come on, sugar, tell me so If you really need me, just reach out and touch me Come on, honey, tell me so This week’s prompt for The Erotic Journal Challenge is: What makes you feel sexy? This is an easy […]

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Eroticon programme with missy in the background - 5 reasons to go to eroticon

5 Reasons to go to Eroticon

For those of you who aren’t aware, Eroticon is “an annual conference for erotic creatives, writers, bloggers, photographers, and artists.” The conference is usually held in March and last weekend, we were lucky enough to attend for the second time. It is tradition to write about the experience afterwards, and […]

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virtual meet and greet

A Virtual Meet and Greet

On Friday HL and I will be off to Eroticon and we can’t wait. We went last year and had so much fun, although I was really nervous about what to expect. This year I don’t feel any of those nerves and know that I can expect to have an […]

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Living in Parallel

I quite often feel that I have two parallel lives. I think that can often happen when you are in the sort of relationship which can be misunderstood. Part of me wants to say, “fuck it,” but the other part doesn’t use that language. That alerts me to the fact […]

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The Thrill of Shame

The Thrill of Shame

There is a lot that I find uncomfortable about my sexual thoughts and a lot that I would find distressing for others to know about. While they are fantasies in the sense that they turn me on, they are not things that I would ever want to do if that […]

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Erotic Photography

A shot of the erotic

There is much focus on photography of the erotic kind this month with Molly’s February Photofest. I see lovely pictures all over my timeline on twitter and on my blog feed. I am sorry not to be taking part as I have enjoyed the photography that we have done. I […]

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Playing with others

Playing with Others

We had a conversation today about playing with others. We didn’t start out to talk about this topic but it came up in a way as things tend to. I guess it must have been on the mind of one or other of us. Probably HL as it was him […]

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