What is a scene?

So tell me, what is a scene?

I was asked some time ago what a scene was. The question came via a comment on my blog and the commenter said she had searched my blog for more information or some sort of definition.  I promised at the time that a post would follow but here I am, […]

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Anal – A slow and careful undoing

I have written a lot about anal and wondered if I still had anything to say on the matter. But when I thought about it, I can see how much this is an area which has grown in significance as part of our D/s.  Looking back now at how far […]

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I get by with a little help from my friends

I have always enjoyed having friends in the real world and for a time, when I was unhappy in my former marriage, friendships were what I focussed on and what kept me going. I was a bit of a party girl, hosting events and organising get togethers and dinners whenever […]

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public play

Public Play

Public play is something that we both find quite interesting and therefore, it might seem strange that we  have not done more of it. Although we have had a couple of opportunities and have give it a go, it is not something that has become much of a feature of […]

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Living in a D/s power exchange

Living in a D/s Power Exchange

What is a power exchange An agreed power exchange is what makes our relationship a Dominant and submissive one. Most relationships consider themselves to be equal ones which means that each partner takes it in turns to lead. Some may consider themselves more traditional where the male always takes the […]

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Erotic Humiliation

More About Erotic Humiliation

Obviously I set the topic for TMA and so want to take part. But I am also aware that I have written a lot about erotic humiliation here already and that is because it is one, if not the biggest one, of my kinks. I suppose the way I experience […]

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What is Dominance

What is Dominance?

The Tell Me About prompt this time is Dominance. I have written before about why I feel that I have A Need for Domination on an emotional level, and have also explored Why Dominance turns me on in a more recent post. What I don’t think I have ever really been able […]

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Trust and submission

Trust and submission

If D/s has taught me anything, it has taught me that feelings are not quantifiable. I have always had trust in HL. Has it always been the same level of trust that I have in him now? No. Is it at a level where I can say in all honesty, […]

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Erotic Spanking

Erotic Spanking – the bottom line

Why Erotic Spanking? We love erotic spanking. I suppose I could ask what’s not to love, but I know that not everyone enjoys it like we do.  As you might imagine, within our dynamic HL is the spanker and I am the spanked, but we both enjoy what it gives […]

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submissive marriage rules

Following the rules in a submissive marriage

In a submissive marriage, rules are central. As a person I am pretty good at following rules as long as I see their purpose. Rules can be there to keep us safe, to keep others safe and to generally make life run more smoothly. Sometimes rules are so valuable and […]

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Safewords – Do I Need One?

Do I need a safeword? I have mixed feelings about safewords. On one hand I think they are an important part of keeping safe in a BDSM relationship and, on the other, I wonder if they are pretty superfluous in the type of D/s relationship that I have now. In […]

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rope bondage harness

Exploring Bondage

Bondage is an interesting topic for me to write about and it is not something I have written about much before. Synonymous with the image of BDSM, and yet it is probably one of my lesser kinks. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be tied, restrained, spread and […]

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orgasm - the story of my O

Orgasm Tales – The Story of my O

I don’t remember how old I was when I had my first orgasm. What I do remember is that I found out it was called an orgasm when I was about 15. Before I realised it had a name, I had masturbated to that point. I had also told my […]

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Vulnerability and connection

Vulnerability and Connection

Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection I have posted before about vulnerability, and for me it has been significant to the success of my submission. Allowing myself to be vulnerable for HisLordship, and letting him see the real me, has been […]

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Submission and how it works for me

I have written a lot on this blog about submission. That is not surprising as my blog is essentially an account of my life as a submissive wife. It is about the love, the kink and the connection and that is what submission gives me. I could have the love […]

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