submissive marriage rules

Following the rules in a submissive marriage

In a submissive marriage, rules are central. As a person I am pretty good at following rules as long as I see their purpose. Rules can be there to keep us safe, to keep others safe and to generally make life run more smoothly. Sometimes rules are so valuable and […]

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Glove and lace knickers


There is something sexy about long satin opera gloves, and that is often the way that they make me feel when I am wearing them. They are one of those accessories that feel a bit suggestive, whether that is your intention when wearing them or not. This sort of suggestion […]

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Safewords – Do I Need One?

Do I need a safeword? I have mixed feelings about safewords. On one hand I think they are an important part of keeping safe in a BDSM relationship and, on the other, I wonder if they are pretty superfluous in the type of D/s relationship that I have now. In […]

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S is for Sharing – SoSS #9

Oh no, wait! We aren’t at the letter S yet. That’s just wishful thinking on my part.  You see, despite vowing last year that I would NEVER take part in the blogging A-Z challenge again, I find myself here once more.  And only at the letter F! It is quite […]

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