The power of touch - woman on bed with lingerie touching herself

The power of touch

I am not planning to touch myself but my fingers slip underneath the edge of my knickers and I am gently playing with the small rectangle of hair that he has me keep there, stroking back and forth subconsciously with the back of my fingernail nail. It makes me think of […]

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submissive marriage rules

Following the rules in a submissive marriage

In a submissive marriage, rules are central. As a person I am pretty good at following rules as long as I see their purpose. Rules can be there to keep us safe, to keep others safe and to generally make life run more smoothly. Sometimes rules are so valuable and […]

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Glove and lace knickers


There is something sexy about long satin opera gloves, and that is often the way that they make me feel when I am wearing them. They are one of those accessories that feel a bit suggestive, whether that is your intention when wearing them or not. This sort of suggestion […]

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