star and lights

All we need is a star on top

She had bought the laser lights for him, thinking they would look nice for Christmas. He had set them up while she was out, working hard to make sure that they fell correctly across the house. It hadn’t been easy and there was a lot of trial and error to […]

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missy bound on the bed under a light curtain

Light Bondage

What could be better for Christmas than some light bondage? HL’s most recent festive purchase was a light net which I thought was for decorating the bush in the garden. It seems he had different ideas and told me to lie face down on the bed while he secured it […]

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Hiding from Time

I am hiding from time. It seems to keep creeping in, and creeping up, and catching me off guard. Can it see me here? Will it find me? Or can I sit here and be safe for a while? I want these moments. I want to take them and grow […]

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The Auction – Flash Fiction

All that remained was to see who had won. Or more specifically to see who had been won by whom. It was her first time but the other girls had been before and, as they sipped their drinks, little details tumbled out like droplets. She hoped for him. Their eyes […]

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Breathe Me

Breathe Me

 ‘Breathe Me’ by Sia “Be my friend, hold me Wrap me up, unfold me I am small, I’m needy Warm me up and breathe me.” Click the lips to see who else is taking part in Sinful Sunday this week

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fantasy quote

Write me a fantasy

10 – Write me a fantasy to carry me away to an erotic land! This is something that we tried last year in the D/s advent calendar for 2017 and so we thought that it would be nice to give it a go again. And as fantasy tends to turn […]

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missy as the naughty christmas elf on a bondage bench

Elf on the Shelf

Actually it is more a case of Elf on the bondage bench but it didn’t seem to have quite the same ring.  Day 8 of our D/s Advent Calendar saw the return of the Naughty Elf with the instruction below: 8 – Naughty Elf . Uh oh – Elf’s back. The […]

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pine needle play

Pine Needle Play

2 – Pine Needle Play Pine Needles of different variety will be needed for this festive scene! Plenty of sharp medical grade needles will be employed to give missy some Ho Ho Ho of her own! I feel you pinch my skin and I wait. I feel vulnerable and weak. […]

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A Glass of Christmas Cheer

HisLordship has kicked off our D/s Advent Calendar for this year and the detail for the first day is below: 1 – A Glass of Christmas Cheer A Glass of Christmas can come in many forms and for us at the beginning of the festive month a nice warm glass […]

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Advent 18

Advent Adventures 2018

I mentioned in my SoSS post that I wanted to do something to mark advent for 2018 but I wasn’t sure what. The idea sprang up originally as our circumstances had changed and so 2016 was going to bring less in the way of material gifts for Christmas. I was also aware […]

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November Review

November Review SoSS #8

November has been a whirl and I cannot believe that Christmas has crept closer so quickly. My blogging years so far have been met with an advent project for December in previous years but I am really not organised this year and unsure what to do. 2016 saw my submissive […]

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On Display

To say she was embarrassed just didn’t describe it. She was mortified – hell, she was beyond mortification. When she had discussed her fantasy first of all, she had no idea he would actually make her do it. Now here she was, sat on the chair, naked, opened and on […]

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Submissy image School's Out not available

Thorns and roses

There are thorns everywhere, but along the path of vice, roses bloom above them. — Marquis De Sade   Don’t forget to check out the other Sinful Sunday contributions for this week  

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Ask me

“Ask me,” he said. She squirmed and flipped inside, her stomach seeming to twist in on itself.  He carried on what he was doing, his finger pressing firmly against her. His kisses were forceful and she felt like her entire body was open to him, well almost. “I know what […]

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writing your way on my body - written on missy

Writing your way on my body

You are writing your way on my body. You are telling me how things should be and showing me that I am worthy of you, of this. You are re-writing all of the wrongs and making them right. You are loving me with your words and the pictures of your […]

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Electromagnetic Spanking - missy over HL's knee with photo filter

Electromagnetic Spanking

Ready for some electromagnetic spanking? Draped across your knee, pulled into your magnetic field, I feel your charge. Skirt lifted, knickers lowered, you bring my skin slowly to life as you rub and stroke and nip. You ignite me with your words, rewiring my brain and connecting it, through my […]

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Boudoir - picture of boudoir bedroom scene

Boudoir Beauty

He led her into the room.  She took it in and felt a bit overwhelmed, although she was impressed with what he had done. He had definitely thought of the details and it was sumptuous. She should have known better really. When he said boudoir, he meant boudoir, from the […]

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Worn Different - missy in docs in the woods

Worn Different

Dr. Martens Worn Different campaign is about celebrating diversity and individuality by focussing on people with a unique style who are connected by their rebellious spirit. I think that I appear very ‘normal’ to others. In some situations this can be a good thing but in others it is not. […]

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Naked with butterfly wings in a clearing in a wood

Becoming a Butterfly

The Sinful Sunday prompt this week is transmogrify which means to transform in a surprising or magical manner. The butterfly is associated with symbolism of change and transformation so it seemed apt for the prompt as well as to illustrate how I feel about my own personal transformation. Within literature, the […]

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wild woman - image of Molly's daily kiss staring at the moon

His Wild Woman

As she stared at the moon she knew he would come, his wild woman. She waited and she wanted. She longed and she desired and she dreamed. She watched silently at first feeling the light dance through her, quickening her and making her ready. It energised her and made her […]

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