missy and HL exchange gifts as part of the D/s Advent 2018

Festive Fun – Our D/s Advent Calendar 2018

Well that is the period of advent at a close and, therefore, the end of ‘gifts’ that we were giving each other as part of our D/s Advent Calendar for 2018. I have posted about some of these activities and others I have left private. In order to be transparent, I should also add that some we didn’t do. This was for the simple reason that although we were focussing on each other as life so often gets in the way, this did not stop life getting in the way. There were changes to our work schedule that we hadn’t […]

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Welcome to santa's workshop little doll

Welcome to my workshop, little doll

He has told me to make sure that I have shaved for him. When I get into the bedroom I notice that there are christmas carols playing and I wonder how sexy that will make me feel. He once played ‘The Carpenters’ and I had to yellow as the crooning sentimentality was working against me. He sees my thinking in my expression and says, “Welcome to Santa’s workshop. I will be with you soon.” I wait for him, settling into the music. When he comes back he shows me where he wants me to lie. He tells me I am […]

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The Auction – Flash Fiction

All that remained was to see who had won. Or more specifically to see who had been won by whom. It was her first time but the other girls had been before and, as they sipped their drinks, little details tumbled out like droplets. She hoped for him. Their eyes had locked when he came over to read what she had written. She had cast them down immediately, knowing better than to be direct, but she had felt something in that fleeting moment. An interest perhaps? An indication that he liked a challenge? The atmosphere changed as they came back […]

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fantasy quote

Write me a fantasy

10 – Write me a fantasy to carry me away to an erotic land! This is something that we tried last year in the D/s advent calendar for 2017 and so we thought that it would be nice to give it a go again. And as fantasy tends to turn into reality with us, this could be quite exciting. I struggle with articulating my fantasies. I have posted about the fact I cannot do this before and explained about the snap shot way that I experience fantasy. This is true. But what I had said was that this means that […]

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missy as the naughty christmas elf on a bondage bench

Elf on the Shelf

Actually it is more a case of Elf on the bondage bench but it didn’t seem to have quite the same ring.  Day 8 of our D/s Advent Calendar saw the return of the Naughty Elf with the instruction below: 8 – Naughty Elf . Uh oh – Elf’s back. The naughty Christmas Elf is up to no-good again! A regular visitor to the bedroom during seasonal (and other) times, this is a role that we have a lot of fun playing with. Mischief and adventure here we come. Now the Elf can be pretty feisty and can put up quite […]

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pine needle play

Pine Needle Play

2 – Pine Needle Play Pine Needles of different variety will be needed for this festive scene! Plenty of sharp medical grade needles will be employed to give missy some Ho Ho Ho of her own! I feel you pinch my skin and I wait. I feel vulnerable and weak. I have agreed to this although it scares me and I lie still as I wait for the pain. I try to relax, letting my muscles go as you rub and tuck. Pull and tease. Your gloved hand feels strange and the rubbery sound it makes pulls another memory to […]

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A Glass of Christmas Cheer

HisLordship has kicked off our D/s Advent Calendar for this year and the detail for the first day is below: 1 – A Glass of Christmas Cheer A Glass of Christmas can come in many forms and for us at the beginning of the festive month a nice warm glass of something is just what we need. In this case we will be using our glass dildo collection for temperature play to get us in the mood! We love our collection of glass dildos as they look so pretty and are really varied in terms of how they can be […]

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Advent 18

Advent Adventures 2018

I mentioned in my SoSS post that I wanted to do something to mark advent for 2018 but I wasn’t sure what. The idea sprang up originally as our circumstances had changed and so 2016 was going to bring less in the way of material gifts for Christmas. I was also aware the HL had been finding things hard and so wanted to spoil him a bit, as well as making the run up to christmas special, so each day I gave him a gift which was posted and revealed on my blog. My Submissive Advent Calendar was born.  Last year it […]

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