Pull your knickers down - missy removing her knickers

Pull your knickers down

Pull your knickers down for me. Now. Just a little bit. Slowly. Good. Now a bit more. Nice. And again, just a little bit further. There. Stop. Now bend forward and place your hands against the wall. Stick your bottom out. Yes. Like that. You know what is coming don’t you? You are already aroused […]

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New Year Fireworks

We have seen the New Year in but I have been promised some private fireworks of my own. In the bedroom he tells me to lie face down on the bed and then he sticks two of the pads from our new EStim, one to each bum cheek. “Ready?” he says in a cheerful tone […]

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eye contact and hungry eyes

Hungry Eyes – Kink of the Week

You know that feeling when you are looking at someone from across the room? Watching them and thinking about them and then they catch you? You glance away but your eyes are drawn back and you make eye contact again but your eyes lock this time? That happened to us. It happened a few times […]

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Welcome to santa's workshop little doll

Welcome to my workshop, little doll

He has told me to make sure that I have shaved for him. When I get into the bedroom I notice that there are christmas carols playing and I wonder how sexy that will make me feel. He once played ‘The Carpenters’ and I had to yellow as the crooning sentimentality was working against me. […]

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Dom Rod

Dom Rod is the term lovingly used to describe the arousal and subsequent stiffness of cock which is sported by a male Dom during acts of Dominance. It is not my term originally as it was coined by PurpleSole and littlegem but when they used it during our chat the other night, it was felt […]

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Under the Collar - play collar

Under the Collar

I didn’t always wear a collar and it didn’t happen to me like it did in the books. In the fiction I read it was part of the formality of their agreement and it came after a time of being together as play partners I guess. Alternatively the experienced Dom would find the sub within […]

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