A little reading goes a long way

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Last night we had set some time aside for each other as we had missed out for one reason or another. I guess that we both must have needed it because despite the stuff of life working to derail us with its usual tricks, we managed to get back to it and turn up the heat despite it all. I guess that perhaps HisLordship had taken some of my previous posts as food for thought because he seemed to be right there, on me and in my head.  Continue reading


Are we still kinky?


This follows on from my post, Kinky, and actually ties in to my recent post, Ahhhhhh!. I said in my kinky post that sometimes I felt that I wasn’t really kinky anymore and that I wasn’t sure how important that part was to me. Although I wrote that post back in November of last year, it had actually sat unpublished as I never felt that it was finished and I wasn’t really happy with it. Today I went back to it in order to see if I could finish it off and I realised that I couldn’t because actually I have moved on from my thinking quite a bit since then. So I hit publish and, for once it back-dated when I wanted it to.  Continue reading




I have always been attracted to the darkness.  I don’t know what it is about it but there is something about the mystery of it all that makes it appealing. Obviously real darkness is different but the dark side of a person, all their hidden desires and wants is something which not only appeals but is also very sexy. That is part of the D/s for me. I know that I am safe with HisLordship. I know that he is a kind, loving and nurturing man who would never let anything bad happen to me, which leaves me free to enjoy that other part of him and also to explore my own. Continue reading

A Fucking Machine

HisLordship has made a fucking machine.  It was revealed on Saturday and although the unveiling did not really take the form of the kind of hot, steamy scene that he had envisaged (the changing movements of teenagers foiled us again) we did get a chance to give it a quick practical trial. I did laughingly ask if he had already road tested it himself as this is advice that he will readily offer to other Doms before introducing a new toy, but the look on his face told me that had not been anywhere on his radar for this particular invention.

Continue reading

Hand Spanking

I have written about spanking before as it is something that I enjoy and is a big part of our dynamic but I saw that hand spanking was the topic for Kink of the Week so thought that I would try to put another post together (thanks to Ina Morata for sharing details of the various writing tasks you can get involved in).  Hand spanking is my favourite type of impact play and I love nothing more than being bared over HisLordship’s knee for a really good spank from him. The physical connection that is created through the feel of his hand on my skin is by far the best of all the tools, toys and implements that we have. Continue reading

Story of the O – #7 Multiple Orgasms

It was last November that I wrote about Blended Orgasms as part of the series of Story of the O posts that I had begun that September.  At the time I felt that post was the last one and that I had pretty much covered the various types of orgasms that you could have. Well this D/s lifestyle of ours has pretty much given me more than I anticipated at every step so far, so why would orgasms be any different? Cue an impromptu Sunday afternoon without kids, and bang – I experience something new! Arising from a spanking scene which, although as delicious as ever, was not something new in itself, I was actually left a bit stunned about what had taken place. Having consulted with the knowledgeable subs at The SafeworD/s Club and compared notes, I am now confident that what I experienced yesterday was a multiple orgasm. Continue reading

Sunday Morning

As they lay there in bed having a lazy start he played with her a little.

“Come on. Time to get up,” he said pulling his hand away.

She nestled into him for a bit and then rolled over and pulled the covers around her while he got out of bed and grabbed a T shirt and shorts.

“I thought you would have just fucked me to start the day off,” she commented quietly into the covers. Continue reading