Hand Spanking

I have written about spanking before as it is something that I enjoy and is a big part of our dynamic but I saw that hand spanking was the topic for Kink of the Week so thought that I would try to put another post together (thanks to Ina Morata for sharing details of the various writing tasks you can get involved in).  Hand spanking is my favourite type of impact play and I love nothing more than being bared over HisLordship’s knee for a really good spank from him. The physical connection that is created through the feel of his hand on my skin is by far the best of all the tools, toys and implements that we have.

I still remember the first time he spanked my bare bottom with his hand. The sound it made was spectacular and I registered that before I felt the sting that followed. In fact the pain didn’t really have time to embed itself at all as the shock mixed with the thrill and the pleasure from our lovemaking merged and it was like it had never really happened at all. Until he did it again, and then again of course. Things heightened for me really quickly and it soon became a favourite of ours, although at that time we were still vanilla with a twist of kink on the side. A lot has changed since we became D/s and now spanking is a regular part of our play, or at least as regular as it can be with a house full of kids (soundproofing for the bedroom is still on the list).

So when we began this dynamic, we were not strangers to spanking but we had never had an actual spanking scene before, or used it as part of our play like we do now.  We started out slow I guess. The idea of causing me pain and discomfort for pleasure felt like an oversized coat to him initially I think, but as he saw how much I enjoyed it, his pleasure in doing it increased as well. He soon discovered that, if we warm up for a bit first, I don’t really have any limits where hand spanking is concerned. As much as his hand can take, my bum can take too.

Most of the spanking we do is erotic. It has become a bit of a go-to for us and it would not work that well as punishment I don’t think. Sir will warm my skin with some lighter slaps first and will rub and pinch as he goes. He will build the pace and the force slowly, adding to it as we go. He sometimes uses music and will spank to the beat which can be quite relentless depending on the duration of the song. I will feel my skin start to heat and burn and it just makes me need to feel him all the more. As his hand lands, my internal muscles shift and I become more and more aroused. Often I will push back up towards him, my bottom craving more but at the same time the rest of my body becomes increasingly relaxed.

Erotic spanking is a sensual experience for me and I become lost in the rhythm of it. I will lose myself and quickly let go of all of the other things that have been swirling around my mind. I become focussed on the pain and the pleasure and don’t want it to end. Even lying on my stomach, knowing that a spanking is coming is something that turns me on. If he touches my cheeks then it triggers those feelings so I feel aroused before he has even begun. I have orgasmed before just from the spanking but often Sir will play with me at the same time, so I am able to drift and relax to the point where I start to float away.

I can also vouch for the therapeutic qualities of spanking. Because it makes me feel so relaxed, we have also used it at times when I am feeling stressed or have a tension headache.  On occasion it has been able to lift the headache completely, but even if this doesn’t happen, it can be part of a temporary reprieve. We also use spanking to reinforce and reset our dynamic as it is something that places us both firmly in our respective D and s mindsets. We might do this if we feel that things have slipped a bit, for example due to pressures at work, family issues or health reasons.

As I said in a previous post, I think that it is the contradictions of spanking which really draw me in. I am completely vulnerable but so completely safe. I am fully exposed but so fully protected by him. I am thoroughly naughty but so thoroughly innocent as well. I can honestly say that I never feel so loved as when my bum is literally on fire from the force of his hand. It reinforces the closeness, combines the pleasure and pain, is kinky and thrilling, and can fix almost everything from feeling horny and desperate to a need to be broken and re-built in a tender and loving way.


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Story of the O – #7 Multiple Orgasms

It was last November that I wrote about Blended Orgasms as part of the series of Story of the O posts that I had begun that September.  At the time I felt that post was the last one and that I had pretty much covered the various types of orgasms that you could have. Well this D/s lifestyle of ours has pretty much given me more than I anticipated at every step so far, so why would orgasms be any different? Cue an impromptu Sunday afternoon without kids, and bang – I experience something new! Arising from a spanking scene which, although as delicious as ever, was not something new in itself, I was actually left a bit stunned about what had taken place. Having consulted with the knowledgeable subs at The SafeworD/s Club and compared notes, I am now confident that what I experienced yesterday was a multiple orgasm. Continue reading

Sunday Morning

As they lay there in bed having a lazy start he played with her a little.

“Come on. Time to get up,” he said pulling his hand away.

She nestled into him for a bit and then rolled over and pulled the covers around her while he got out of bed and grabbed a T shirt and shorts.

“I thought you would have just fucked me to start the day off,” she commented quietly into the covers. Continue reading

Three Hours


3, 2, 1, go ................

When life gives you three hours without anyone else in the house, you welcome it with open arms. This would be the case for HisLordship and I whenever the opportunity presents itself, but we have just spent seven weeks together, without even an hour when there was nobody else home. I harp on about loving our kids but hey guys, you need to co-ordinate your work shifts and nights out. Anyway, today presented us with a three hour window and believe me, Sir made the most of it.

Our son created the opportunity due to a newly acquired Saturday job, so I knew that after dropping him for his three hour shift, Sir would have instructions for me. It feels like so long since we have had more than nightly play-time that I was definitely ready for it and he noticed straight away. I don’t think it really would have mattered what he did, I needed that contact with him and I needed to let go. This brings me to the difference between play and a scene, because on the surface the two can be very close. Our play time tends to be quieter by necessity and shorter for the same reason. We still do all of the same things but not for as long and not with the same abandon.

So anyway, this impromptu scene could not have come at a better time. I have felt emotional all week, mostly due to my return to work, and have really missed the easy closeness that comes from extended time spent together. Sometimes if I am like this I need to talk first and get everything out there, but on this occasion I felt like I needed nothing more than to be completely his once more. So out came the play bench and before long I was secured fast with a strap across my stomach. He cuffed my wrists and secured them to my thigh cuffs. The kissing beforehand had nearly done for me and by the time I was secured, I was literally aching for him.

I don’t know if I have ever left myself and my baggage behind quite so quickly. Sometimes I can feel the release of control at the beginning but I felt this time that there was no resistance from my body or from my head. I lay there and just let him do what he wanted. I came quite quickly as soon as he told me I could. He had pushed a plug into me and he was touching my clit with a warm glass dildo when he slipped his fingers inside me and that was it.  The first orgasm crashed over me without very much warning and I just let it happen. I relaxed back for a second but he carried on.

My legs were fixed open and he forbid me to close them or he would punish me he said so I tried not to move and just held them there. The first three times he went quite slowly building me up and allowing me to have a small time to recover. He used a variety of different toys and also used his tongue. He said that his intention was to fill me completely and I certainly felt consumed by him. I am not really clear about exactly how it went but that is pretty much a common theme for me. Part of the joy of a scene is that as I relax and let go, my cognition slows and seems to leave me, so it is never possible to write an accurate account of how it was.  I think like my fantasises, my recall of scenes is made up of snapshots of the words, and the feelings and the emotions I have felt.

Being on the receiving end of play like this means that my interpretation of what happened is not always accurate. Sometimes I will be blindfolded and others, such as this occasion, I will be told to keep my eyes shut, so I am never exactly sure what he has used to make me feel like he has. Although the pleasure was overwhelming, there was also the pain of rougher play to give the pleasure it’s edge; the nipple clamps were on so long I actually screamed when they were released and the pussy flogger which he used near the start was replaced with firm slaps from his hand as he moved me deeper into the headspace he wanted. I can remember wanting to be completely overwhelmed and wanting just to be taken any way that he wanted me.

When he eventually brought out the wand he told me that things were changing. He said that he had gone easy on me and had allowed me breaks but things would be different now and there would be no let up. He asked me if I knew what he meant and I said that I did. He reminded me about not moving my legs but I really have no idea if I did or not and the thought of a punishment would not have been able to find it’s way into my mind anyway. The forced orgasms began and I am not sure how many I had. I know that I was vocal and felt myself approach the point where I can’t take anymore. He continued regardless and took me past the point where I am able to even respond and I feel like I am just hanging there, separate to my body, but riding the waves of the pleasure he has brought.

Afterwards, he moved me onto the bed and let me feed on him. I was still floaty and had no concept of time but was aware of him above me then and pushing into me. The heat of his body was all that I wanted and although I could hear the phone ringing, it seemed not to mean anything. Although I would have thought that I had nothing left to give, we came together and collapsed to lie there and recover. He checked his phone for the call and three hours become two. Our son had finished early and required a lift. So although not ideal, my aftercare consisted of a very quick hug, some tidying up of the bedroom and making the bolognaise sauce for the dinner this evening. This is clearly not ideal, but needs must, and he has made sure to keep close and keep his eye on me for the rest of the day. It is amazing what you can do with three two hours alone on  Saturday afternoon.



To bruise or not to bruise

“I brand you tonight not only to mark you as mine, téa, but to celebrate your devotion and courage as my submissive. To others it may symbolize my ownership over you, but to me it ann

I have thought on and off about the marks and bruises which have been acquired in the process of having kinky fun as part of our D/s. Usually I would not welcome a bruise as I find it unsightly, and most of the shades it turns to do nothing for my complexion. The yellow is probably worst as it always makes my skin look dirty or grubby.  But D/s bruises and marks are a little but different for me, and I assume for others. I see pictures on social media, and particularly fetlife, where submissives are proudly showing these marks almost as badges of submission, and sometimes one can almost feel that it must not have been a great night if there is nothing to show for it in the days to come, so what is it that brings the appeal? Continue reading

The Howler

HowlerI posted about The Howler in my post Pleasure from Pain. Looking back I see that was written on the 24th May which seems quite some time ago now. We had a quick try of The Howler once it had been assembled, you may remember that the rubber was a gift from Sir’s friend in Norway, and he had added his own wooden ‘shaft’ so that it could be used more easily.  Unfortunately though, we had not had the peace and quiet required in order to road test it properly. I suppose we should be proud that as parents, we have raised a brood who seem to want to be here even when they are not meant to be here, but it can make planning for impact play more of a challenge. Continue reading

More about the sex


Since writing All about the sex? where I explained that although sex is part of our dynamic, there are other key parts too that I feel can sometimes be overlooked, a couple of conversations and a couple of comments have made me think a bit more about sex and the role it plays in our relationship. I think the post came as a reaction to some people who seem to judge D/s by how much play there is, the sort of kinks you are into and the duration and frequency of the scenes that you have. I suppose I wanted to be clear that the way we would measure things ourselves would be to look at the foundations – communication, respect, honesty and trust – as that is what brings about the intimacy and strong connection that we feel both emotionally and physically. Continue reading