Boudoir - picture of boudoir bedroom scene

Boudoir Beauty

He led her into the room.  She took it in and felt a bit overwhelmed, although she was impressed with what he had done. He had definitely thought of the details and it was sumptuous. She should have known better really. When he said boudoir, he meant boudoir, from the vixen red velvet chaise longue […]

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wild woman - image of Molly's daily kiss staring at the moon

His Wild Woman

As she stared at the moon she knew he would come, his wild woman. She waited and she wanted. She longed and she desired and she dreamed. She watched silently at first feeling the light dance through her, quickening her and making her ready. It energised her and made her one with his power and […]

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Protect Me FP

Protect me and set me free

Story continued from Sinful Sunday. Her look warned him that although she was now of human form, there was still something of the deer about her.  Whether it was her movements, her furtive yet vulnerable stance, or the aura around about her, the feeling that he was dealing with something not quite of this world […]

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The house with the purple door

The House with the Purple Door

The design of the website had drawn her in from the outset; a passionate purple, it spoke to her of promises of what was to come. And from the comfort of her purple pyjamas, she was able to reveal to him things about herself which she had never previously shared. He filled her head with […]

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Picture of Cara Kneeling with tail for His Kitty

His Pet

This image was photographed by Molly Moore and originally published as Treat by Cara Thereon, and it’s used with permission from both. He tapped her lightly on the bottom, indicating that she should move around the room. She worried that she looked ungainly and had been working to perfect her crawl to a smooth feline movement which would […]

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Il Maestro

Artist: Jack Vettriano “His Favourite Girl” (oil on canvas) The phone he had given her rang. His voice, his tone, direct and requiring no response. “21.47. Black underwear. You know where to come. Just open the doors and wait. Ti amo, piccolo” She went over his words again and again. She felt she had forgotten […]

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