The shoot at Memory Lane — Spank Me Hard! … Please?

Thank you so much to my dear friend Lurvspanking who wrote this amazing short story for me.

This post is over the suggested word limit for Wicked Wednesday, but I hope Rebel won’t mind. I first met missy in August, 2016, a month after she started blogging as Submissy. What attracted me to her was not so much the topic(s) discussed, but rather the erudite style of her essays and the pithy […]

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A Dance with Destiny

She met him at a party. She hadn’t really wanted to go but her parents had said that it was not optional. A show of their wealth and importance; what did she care for that?  Idiots, all of these boys her mother found. Flowers and chocolates – she just wasn’t interested. She didn’t think she would ever meet anyone who would do the things that she wanted them to. She had tried to drag her flatmate, Catriona, along just to make the thing bearable but she was a student nurse and wouldn’t finish shift until much later.   So alone she went. Continue reading

His Return

She had been waiting for him for a long time. Possibly it had not been as long as she thought but she felt his absence so keenly that is was as if a part of her was gone too. She had not really expected him back that night either so it had come as a bit of a shock when he walked in.  He had told her to lie on her stomach and wait for him. Fortunately she had prepared herself. These were things that she could not give up whether he was with her or not. Those little rituals that bound her to him, that made her his, that made them one. Continue reading

Without Words

The room was dark and had the faint smell of almond oil.

She was naked.

She knelt as he had instructed.  She started slightly as the music filled the room.

She waited patiently and tried to focus.  Her legs began to ache. They became hot and began almost to burn, then they fizzed for a while and seemed to disappear altogether. Continue reading