A Tale of Long Ago (or don’t believe the wise old woman)


In my last post, Living the Happily Ever After, I described HisLordship as the handsome knight who has swept me off my feet and whisked me away to his dark castle where he will do the things that I desire but that have never been spoken. This reminded me of something that happened in my past, so it is not really D/s related at all, but as it is still part of my long ago journey, I thought I would still include it. Unfortunately it is the tale of a previous relationship which happened once upon a time and did not, itself, end happily ever after. Continue reading

Living the Happily Ever After


Sometimes when you do a thing a lot, you can lose sight of the wonder of it. It can be easy, I think, to let things become usual or normal or everyday. Although I hate to say it I think this is also true of ttwd. This thing that we do becomes exactly that – the thing that we do and because of that it can become as much part of our lives as anything. I remember when we first started, in the throws of sub-frenzy, I had an almost magical feeling about me. It was like the world became altered somehow and I was passing through, going about the same motions but living in my own dark and secret and exciting bubble. Continue reading

A re-set spank


I wrote in Spanking Uncovered that sometimes we used spanking for a re-set. By a re-set I mean that we will use it to re-set the dynamic when things have slipped sometimes. This can happen for a variety of reasons from one of us coming out of the correct mindset, to things taking a bit of a back seat due to health, to having to deal with something challenging outwith our relationship. Sometimes the spank just reaffirms the roles that we have both agreed to take by demonstrating the power exchange and sometimes it can be more of a form of maintenance of it. Spanking is certainly not the only thing that we would use for this, but it is a bit of a go to strategy as it is pretty quick and effective for us. Continue reading

The Howler

HowlerI posted about The Howler in my post Pleasure from Pain. Looking back I see that was written on the 24th May which seems quite some time ago now. We had a quick try of The Howler once it had been assembled, you may remember that the rubber was a gift from Sir’s friend in Norway, and he had added his own wooden ‘shaft’ so that it could be used more easily.  Unfortunately though, we had not had the peace and quiet required in order to road test it properly. I suppose we should be proud that as parents, we have raised a brood who seem to want to be here even when they are not meant to be here, but it can make planning for impact play more of a challenge. Continue reading

The Real Me


It is interesting that people form an opinion of you and that rarely seems to change, even when your behaviour and actions don’t seem to support it. I think that for some reason some of my family members don’t see the real person that I am, despite them having evidence from the things that I do. I am not sure that this has very much to do with Domination and submission, although I do feel that as I submissive I have become more confident and comfortable in being the true me. I also feel that living with the dynamic as we do, has made me better able to have the serenity to continue to behave in a way which reflects who I am, rather than being disheartened that I seem to be seen as being less caring, less thoughtful and less kind than I would like to be. Continue reading