I think it is very hard to be naked in a scene and not be upstaged by your nipples.  Susan Sarandon


This week’s picture is HisLordship’s choice. I have an uneasy relationship with my nipples and so this image is very hard for me to post. I have posted pictures showing my nipples before, but this one is much more difficult for me due to the angle and the fact that the nipple is the focus. I have written a post previously about nipple play and how HL was able to transform that for me into something positive, so I have got over some of my psychological barriers but in terms of looking at them or showing them it is still a challenge and I don’t like to touch them myself.

My nipples were one of the parts of me to be most altered by having children and I think I have never really accepted that change. I want to make excuses for them rather than accepting that they are part of me and embracing them as such. However, I did start Sinful Sunday as a way of pushing myself and challenging some of my issues around body image so I have no excuse not to hit publish under the guise of growth! Inside I will curl and twist knowing that people can see them (well one of them) and will feel embarrassment that we have dressed it up as something supposedly sexy. I will worry what you all think, even thought rationally I know that it is just another nipple pic to most.

Sinful Sunday