I have loved having so much time over the holidays to think about my submission and about our relationship. I have had the time to contemplate where we are and where we might go next, both in the near and in the more distant future. I would like to say that I have spent time each day, naked and free, perched high on this vantage point while I thought about it all, but in truth, that has only happened once.  In reality, I was too nervous to fully enjoy the beautiful view and I wasn’t so much thinking about my submission as deeply adsorbed in it.

As I head back into the start of a new academic year, I am feeling really positive about where we are and where we are going re our D/s. I know that there will be an adjustment this week to being back at work which will take more planning than the one I made when I shifted to being at home for the holidays, but I feel assured in the knowledge that we have been here before and that it will be fine. I know that HL will manage me into the new routine and then at the weekend we head off to Kinkfest for some learning and fun, so things are looking pretty exciting.

Sinful Sunday