1. Saw a few of your posts in one of these. I don’t mind people reposting if they give credit and don’t change the post. But it is an entirely different thing to take something and repost without permission and sometimes letting on that it is their own work. I’ve come across several people who seem to only repost other people’s work. I can’t follow them because of that.

  2. I’ve come across some work of mine on one of these sites. I don’t mind reblogging at all, but reposting without my permission I wasn’t too happy with as I copyright it. I’ve asked them to take it down.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Found some of our pieces there. Immediately went to those that follow us list and removed them from it. It doesn’t do much, but at least it stops them from getting our stuff emailed to them with each post. And if they refollow, we’ll keep removing them.

  4. The first site, blended content is one to be concerned about. As for the second he is not reposting or curating any content. He is linking back to the original authors site driving traffic to your site…not taking from it.

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