phone sexIt is a long time since HisLordship and I engaged in proper phone sex. At the beginning of our relationship it meant everything, as that was the greatest medium we had for regular communication, but since living together we have used it less and less. Having said that, I think that we owe the basis of our relationship to the time that we spent communicating with one another, hour after hour, about all things emotional and all things sexual.

I suppose that really, what started out in that small and concentrated way, has spread out and blossomed into the relationship[p that we have now. It was over the phone that I fell in love, that I came alive, that I opened up to what had been laying there under the surface for so long. These were things that happened slowly, gradually, but which paved the way for the longing and fire for one another that meant that we knew that we had to be together.

Probably the emotional connection was built first as that was the thing which allowed me to begin to let go and explore the sexual side. As my confidence grew, and I felt accepted for who I was, we moved to talking about the things that we would like to try and do. This happened initially via text as the anonymity there made it easier but was followed up during lengthy and steamy telephone calls. I bust my minutes month after month as things moved forward between us; it wasn’t only my ear that was burning.

We talked about scenarios and situations past, present and future. We tested out ideas with nervous laughter. We grew hotter and hotter as we discovered the shared interests we had which we had never been able to voice before. I shifted uneasily as he questioned and pushed me into territory which made me tingle with shame and excitement. This was the very beginning, although we did not know it then, of the dynamic we would later fall back to with ease.

As we told each other everything we grew more and more intimate, longing for those times we could finally spill ourselves all over one another. We made do with snatched moments when we listened to the sounds on the other end of the line, imagining the touch of the other. We nudged each other forward with fantasies of things which could one day be our reality. We never knew what would happen, of course, but the words were uttered and the promise was there.

Although we didn’t know it then, the seeds that would grow into what we have now were all planted through those initial days, turning into weeks then months and years. The phone sex we had was intense and exciting and kinky, elements which would follow us to a place when we could finally be together full time. All embarrassment was gone, most desires explored, leaving us with a free reign to build on those things, pushing them further into territory previously undiscovered.