ZA to Z Challenge – Z

Ok, X was hard but I think that Z is probably more of a challenge, but woo hoo, I made it to the end with this post. I have really found this challenge tough and regretted starting it just because of the sheer number of posts I have been required to put out in a short space of time. (Mental note not to bite off more than I can chew in future.) Having said that, onto the ZIPPER. The zipper scares me, but when HisLordship has used it, I have actually quite enjoyed it. The sight of the pegs all lined up and tied together does something funny to my insides and I will try to get out of it if I can. The Zipper is not something we use a lot but it can add to things, especially when I am going deeper in to my second Z – the zone.

By the ZONE, I mean being in that submissive frame of mind. As a 24/7 submissive I would see myself as being submissive all the time, but within that I am at sleep, at work, or just doing my own thing sometimes, so in reality I am not in a submissive headspace every minute of every day. What I am is available to slip into that, as and when it is required of me. Sometimes I will be ‘in the zone’ for an extended period and others it will come and go depending on what we are doing at the time. This is something that I have had to adjust to and I know that others, whose lives may fit better with it, may be in this place much more of every day. There are various triggers which help me to access my submissive space and I would say that there are different depths to it which would be in line with the level of submission required of me at that particular time. This is something that I plan to write more about in the future.

My final Z and the last topic for the challenge is the Z-JOB. So I didn’t actually know that this was a thing, but YAY it is and it starts with Z so here it is. For those of you who don’t know, a Z-job is when you suck the cock of someone who is sleeping. Technically it is a sleeping blow job but for me it would never get to completion before HL woke up so I am leaving my definition as sucking. Clearly consent would need to be given for this but it seems there has been a little kink that we were practising without even knowing it was a thing. Sir loves to be woken in this way. Although I would usually ask permission before moving to suck him, if I am feeling, either naughty, or in need of comfort, it might be something that I will do. Not surprisingly he has never been angry at this sort of rude awakening and so no trouble has come my way so far.

I hope that you haven’t succumbed to the Zzzzzs while reading my letter Z and I thank you for taking the time to follow my posts throughout the challenge.  If you have missed any of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.