Dare to BareI have a complicated relationship with nudity and it is one which has changed quite a bit over the past while. I have never liked my body but have always been comfortable enough to show parts of it in the right set of circumstances. That would include being topless when lying in the sun which is something I would do if I were on holiday at a resort or in the back garden with the kids. I have two sisters, and although my mum never went topless it was something that we all always did, and my own daughters now will do the same.

I love the feeling of the sun on my skin and when I feel that warmth it somehow turns me on. This leads to me feeling much sexier in a warmer climate where I feel generally more aroused. Probably being away and being relaxed also plays a part but, despite my pale skin and tendency to pink up very quickly, I do like the way it makes me feel. I can’t stay out in it for very long, (maybe 30 mins on each side with a high factor) but it is worth it, even for that quick burst of vitamin D.

If I thought it would be acceptable, I would happily wear nothing in the sun and this is something that I have done when I have been alone. My issues with my body are more about the wrinkles, creases, lumps and bumps so laying flat – whether on my front or my back – is something that I am comfortable to do. Ask me to sit up and eat at a table and it will be a different story. I would not be able to do this and would need to cover up. This is not about people seeing my boobs etc, it is more about them seeing the creases of fat that I loath so much and try to keep hidden.

If it were possible, I would rent one of those huts on sticks in the Maldives for a week and just hang out naked with HisLordship as much as possible. I suppose we would need to put on something light to go and eat but the rest of the time would just be us so we wouldn’t have to bother with clothes. I like the smell of his skin in the sun and as it heats his aroma draws me into him. I love the physical closeness that comes from being naked and the freedom that it seems to bring.

HisLordship loves being naked and he loves me to do the same. He has been a real driver in terms of pushing me to a place where being naked is more achievable for me. Initially it was a lot for me to be able to be without clothes in settings which were not sexual but he has slowly chipped away at these barriers and has helped me not to close things down. I have got better at managing the issues that I have with my body but I would say that there are still lots of no-go areas that he tries to work around. Our D/s has given him the position he needed to really push me in a forward direction with it, although I think things are still much more fragile than he would like them to be.

We have talked quite a bit recently about attending a Clothed Male naked female event which sounds really interesting. This would be something really new for us as nudity in public like that is not something we have ever tried. Recently we have been more daring about what we have shown, and the locations of our pictures and the content of them has reflected this. I think that for us (which means for me) the whole topic of nudity is a bit of a watch this space and who knows what I will dare to bare next.