A to Z - MA to Z Challenge – M

For the letter M I thought I would start with MINDSET. For me, adopting a submissive mindset has been the biggest reward and also the biggest challenge. It has meant that I have had to not only change how I behave, but also how I think. As time has worn on it has become much easier but I have always struggled with the transition between my role in my vanilla life and my role as a submissive wife. There is overlap of course, but we have had to work hard at providing a transition which allows me to move between what is required of me in one to what is required for the other. I have written a lot about this is posts such as Maintaining my Mindset.

Again, MAINTENANCE is something that I come back to again and again. It would be nice if I would say that we had things just as we needed them and they were amazing all the time, but that is not reality. Sometimes, it is more a case that we need to focus on the basics – bread and butter D/s as my friend Emily would say. The time when I wrote Maintenance D/s was one such time, although I will admit there have been many.

My final M is MIDDLES. It came as a huge surprise to me to realise that I had tendencies towards being a middle. We had enjoyed some age play in the form of a Schoolgirl Scene but this was something different. I have a number of brilliant friends who are littles and I think that made me disregard it somehow as I didn’t like doing the same things as them. There were parts that I could identify with and others that felt unfamiliar to me as I explain in The girl in me which I guess I used to test the water before I ‘came out’ in Little Missy Middle.

I hope that you have meandered through the M posts.  Check on Monday for the letter N and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.