A to Z Challenge – K

An obvious for K would have to be KINK. Being Kinky is something I wrote about at the very beginning of my blog, but as time has moved on and we have explored different types of play more and more, I began to feel like what we were doing was ‘normal’, or at least normal for us. That led me to write the posts, Kinky and Are we still kinky? where I looked at how things had changed and what that meant for us and the way we approached things.

Second for the Ks is KIDS! Trying to find time to work on your relationship and meet each other’s needs and desires, kinky and other, can be hard work with a family. One of the things that we find the hardest is keeping ourselves as the focus when life gets in the way, and oftentimes this will be to do with things that impact our family.  When you are a parent, you are used to putting your children first and that is right and proper. Being the parent in a blended family has other complications too as the dynamic is different from the start, and the relationships can be a bit less robust. But D/s with kids is achievable and we have seen real positives, not just for us but for the rest of the family too. Clearly what goes on behind closed doors is private and we haven’t sat our children down to explain about the kink aspect of our relationship. My eldest did work it out, and the story of that, Teenagers who ‘know’, is a positive one. I think that these days with the amount of online stuff we do running the chats and the sites etc, that probably most of them have a fairly good idea what we are up to. Our approach is to be open, but not to push them to discover things about us that they wouldn’t want to so we leave it to them what they choose to ask, and try to answer it openly, honestly and responsibly.

KNEELING is the final K for today. I wrote about Kneeling and submission a long time ago and it is something that I have continued to do off and on since. I love kneeling for HisLordship and it can really help to centre me. I enjoy kneeling as I wait for play but equally well there are other positions which I find just as submissive, if not more so. I think that I had kneeling down as part of my image of what a good submissive would do, as that is what I had gathered from the fiction I had read, and also the images that litter the internet regarding submissive poses. I admired the seemingly calm and collected nature of the submissives as they waited with anticipation and trust and I guess I wanted to emulate that. Since then I have learnt that to chase an ideal of what you think you should be doesn’t necessarily fit, so while I do enjoy the symbolism of kneeling, when my knees are old-lady-screaming, there are lots of other positions that work just as well for that quiet contemplation. Having said that, to be pushed to my knees to receive his cock in my mouth, still triggers me into my submissive space pretty fast.

I hope that you have keenly read my letter K.  Check tomorrow for the letter L and to see the rest of my A-Z, click here: A to Z Challenge.