The 08.52 from Glasgow Central

As it was the school holidays this week we managed to get away for a couple of nights with a couple of the kids. Although it wasn’t a romantic break it was nice to have a change of scene all the same; we had fun with the kids and were even able to snatch the odd time alone.  When we go away with the family we usually rent a villa or apartment rather than go to a hotel as that seems to work better, so it isn’t a common experience for them. There was the comment on the first night after dinner, “What do you two usually do when you stay in a hotel?” Probably best not to answer that one!

I am definitely becoming more comfortable with sharing images of myself and also with having them taken.  I feel much less self-conscious about being naked and being photographed and I also worry less about what people will think. I was stood at the window for quite a while as HisLordship tried different things with the camera and as it was a busy time on a Tuesday there was quite a lot of activity trainwise. I did worry a little about whether or not people would be offended by the sight of my naked form first thing in the day, as I would never want to cause alarm or force someone to see something they didn’t want to.

We are away again this week coming, just for a night but this time just the two of us, so I am hoping that we will be able to take some good pictures then. Although my photographer is keen, I would think that it is not just the photo-taking opportunities that he is planning for.  I had better get my list ready for when I am asked, “So what did you do in the hotel this time?” Well………we do have a rather nice dragontail whip which we haven’t had much opportunity to try out yet!