Happy Easter

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week was humour. Molly wrote, “Sex is often portrayed as a very serious thing but actually, really, it is meant to be a happy and fun experience and in my experience a person with a great sense of humour often makes for a great lover. So your image needs to capture the fun, playful, joyful, funny, silly, happy aspects of sex, bodies, etc.”

HisLordship and I do have a lot of fun and we try never to take ourselves too seriously. We had fun thinking of an image to use for this week’s entry – the slave girl charming her Master’s snake out of hiding with the dulcet tones of her flute was tried, but didn’t quite make the cut! In the end I think that Sir is the one who had the most fun drawing these little fellows and it is me who is now required to have a sense of humour to post them. So going with the Easter theme we proudly present – ‘Funny Bunnies’ for Sinful Sunday.

Sinful Sunday