April here we come!

As is often the case, I like to set myself a challenge now and then and the start of the holidays is always a good time for me as I usually have more time than during the term and so sign myself up to take on the world.

The first challenge I have agreed to take part in is the #30 day orgasm fun which is a project started by the lovely Tabitha Rayne.  The idea behind this is to have an orgasm for every day in April and, as a result, boost your mental health.  Mental health issues seem to touch so many people that I know and care about and I can struggle in certain aspects myself sometimes. So at a time of year when I have recently confessed to ‘feeling like a used up rag,’ what could be better? I have to admit I am quivering, not with ecstasy but with fear, at the recent threat from HisLordship to publish my orgasms live, but I am trying not to focus on that too much and just to go with it! I will keep you updated as to how this project is going.

The second project I have taken on is The Blogging A to Z Challenge. During the holidays I always write more than usual so I thought that this might be something that I could achieve. I also realised that after a couple of years of blogging, a lot of what I have written has become buried somewhat under the newer posts. So I thought that to post something D/s related for each letter of the Alphabet, every day except for Sunday’s, might mean that I could recycle some of my earlier posts in more of a themed way. I will link the posts so that you can click on any that you might not have read or are interested in and leave those that don’t hit the spot.