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“You said everything I needed to hear. I’m hooked now. You have me. What are you going to do with me?”

Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far

Last night we found ourselves with a lucky couple of hours alone. HisLordship is not one to miss an opportunity and I quickly found myself hooked by his spell.
I love the hook. The vulnerability, the way that every slight movement squirms through my body and the way that Sir has complete and utter control over me. It is something that we have not played with as much as we would have liked due to the rather large size of the hook that we chose initially. Although I wanted him to use it I dreaded it at the same time and would try to find excuses to get out of it. Recently we bought a new hook which is a much better size and this means that we can play with it more readily, so I wasn’t surprised when he took the opportunity to use it during out scene last night.
One of the things that I like about the hook is the way that it lends itself to predicament bondage. I have been promised that the next time the Doxy will form part of my torment as well but for its first time out, Sir was kind to me and didn’t use anything which made me squirm and pull quite as much as that will. He tied the rope to my collar, fed it down through the hook and then used it to secure my hands behind my back so that with every tiny movement it tugged and turned the ball inside me.

Sinful Sunday



  1. What is not shown is arousing me. The thought.

  2. What a wonderful photograph and thoughts. I love my hook too, the squirming is good !
    Missy c

    • Thank you. Another similarity. Also I keep seeing your picture from last Monday – I should send you a picture of my kitchen!

      • Ha! My kitchen wasn’t really chosen but salvaged from a house my parents knocked down. It’s great to see someone else who feels/likes some of the same things. Makes me feel less odd 😉

        • Yes it is and it does. And as for the kitchen it is set off really well by your naked body 😊

  3. Though a very erotic shot, I am probably more enthralled by what might be occurring just out of frame. Well done!

  4. We have not played with ours in quite a while but hopefully now Eroticon is over we will have a bit more time

    • I am so glad we got this new one as the first one required a lot of preparation so hopefully this will be good for shorter play too.

  5. You look great and it is very inspiring, thanl you for this picture

  6. First of all, that purple is gorgeous against your skin. Secondly, I’m imagining the fun and everything else that would come from the doxy/hook combo. So much fun is what comes to mind

  7. Wow, Missy such a sexy image – I love playing with a hook too… IT really adds another dimension x

  8. Gorgeous missy!!

  9. I love the hook! Great pictures😊

  10. Great image missy 😊 you have a lovely bottom!!! We still haven’t tried our hook out but I do look forward to being the catch of the day 😂

  11. silverdomuk

    I love this image. Beautiful!

  12. Wow . . . gorgeous photo . . . and gorgeous thoughts!!!
    Love this !!!

  13. I love the pop of purple against the b&w edit

  14. This makes me want to play with our hook again!
    Rebel xox

    • Yes I am so pleased that we didn’t give up after the ‘squeeze’ of the first one. This is so much easier to accommodate and I think we will have lots of fun with it. With the last one even once it was in all I was thinking was how I was going to get it out! 😊

  15. May

    The colour is great – one of my favs – i dont have one of these but reading your narrative has made me want to try it for sure x

    • It is almost an instant for my mindset as it feels quite extreme and wrong – in a good way of course. Things being ‘unnatural’ sort of turn me on so it is one of my triggers. 😊

  16. Wow! Simply wow on so many levels.

  17. Very intriguing. And love the purple and silver against your skin. I haven’t got a hook but I have looked at them. Guess I will have to wait until I have a play partner anyway. Something else to look forward to…

    • You should start a list 😊

      • The never ending list… I’ve been very happily buying lingerie and costumes this last fortnight, but I’ve always got stuff on the list whether it’s toys, to-do’s, porn, music or events. So many ideas so little money!

        • It’s good to have a never ending list I think. Imagine what would happen if you ever reached the end. And there are always pervertables where the money is tight. 😊

  18. Awww… I’ve never got hooked like this, but I wish I will 🙂 (I would gladly begin with the larger size, anyway. I always long for big stuff inside.) Super-sexy picture!!

    • Thank you I think for some the larger might be good and maybe we can build up to it. For now small is better for me but I know what you mean about feeling filled 😊

  19. Great image…I love hooks, you never really know what’s going to happen when you’re wearing on.

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