“You said everything I needed to hear. I’m hooked now. You have me. What are you going to do with me?”

Abbi Glines, Fallen Too Far


Last night we found ourselves with a lucky couple of hours alone. HisLordship is not one to miss an opportunity and I quickly found myself hooked by his spell.

I love the hook. The vulnerability, the way that every slight movement squirms through my body and the way that Sir has complete and utter control over me. It is something that we have not played with as much as we would have liked due to the rather large size of the hook that we chose initially. Although I wanted him to use it I dreaded it at the same time and would try to find excuses to get out of it. Recently we bought a new hook which is a much better size and this means that we can play with it more readily, so I wasn’t surprised when he took the opportunity to use it during out scene last night.

One of the things that I like about the hook is the way that it lends itself to predicament bondage. I have been promised that the next time the Doxy will form part of my torment as well but for its first time out, Sir was kind to me and didn’t use anything which made me squirm and pull quite as much as that will. He tied the rope to my collar, fed it down through the hook and then used it to secure my hands behind my back so that with every tiny movement it tugged and turned the ball inside me.

Sinful Sunday