Wearing a tail is something that I once fantasised about but it was never something that I expected I would do. It seems funny to look back at that now as it is no longer something that feels forbidden although it does still retain an element of the naughty.Β  I have not stopped with the fantasies altogether but they have shifted and become much more complex, moving to something involving humiliation which would push and test my current boundaries. The feelings associated with wearing it for Sir were also unexpected and it has moved from being something a bit dangerous and extreme to being something which is much gentler and expresses the fun that we have together.

What I love most about it is the way the soft light fur brushes against my skin and contrasts with the hard heavy weight which sits inside me. I am very aware of it being there and it makes me feel immediately submissive. I suppose it still embraces the element of forbidden, but at the same time makes me feel playful. For me, D/s has always been about the way that contrasts and opposites merge and collide into something which becomes indescribable. I feel myself reaching for words which are seemingly conflicting and yet seem to exist so well together, and for me, wearing a tail encapsulates some of these feelings.

As with most of the kink that we experiment with, it begins as one thing and moves into another as we play with it and push our limits. We spark off each other and things tend to morph and grow as that process plays out. While I feel at ease and comfortable wearing my tail now, I also know that without much effort, Sir can use what has become familiar and take it somewhere completely new where I will be left spinning with a whole host of emotions I am not expecting. Exploring the unexpected together is part of the pleasure, the excitement and the feeling of growth, and is also part of what binds us and connects us on such a deep and intimate level.

Sinful Sunday