I feel really lucky that, a couple of weeks ago, HisLordship decided that we would be going to Eroticon. I had read some of the feedback from the event on blogs last year and it sounded like great fun, as well as being a place where you could learn a lot. I feel really nervous about trying something new and also a little scared as I don’t really see myself as a writer. However, I am also excited as this is a great opportunity to meet new people, learn new things and hopefully get better at this whole site and blog thing. It is also an opportunity to have a weekend away with Sir and to have some kinky fun without having to worry about 7 pairs of little ears listening to us.

We are attending the conference for the whole weekend and so we can take full advantage of the Friday Night Meet and Greet, as well as the Saturday night social. The tradition for the Meet and Greet seems to be do and online version to get things started, so here goes with mine.

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

missy @5ubmissy

What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2018?

I am really looking forward to meeting new people and chatting with them. I am excited to meet some of the people who I follow online and I admire as some of them have been a real source of encouragement and/or inspiration for me. I am also looking forward to learning. I have never considered myself to be a writer but I think that in terms of writing on my own blog, and in terms of hosting a D/s chat site, HisLordship and I both feel that we have a lot to learn.

We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song

This is a hard one but I am going to go with Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis as it marks the start of my journey with HL and hence the start of my journey to here. I love the song because he saw in me what I didn’t know was there and that is something that is still growing and changing as we fall deeper down this rabbit hole together.

What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

I don’t really remember if I had an actual career in mind. I don’t think I knew really what I wanted to be or do. I certainly didn’t see myself as a teacher! I do remember wanting to be a poet, and having a vivid image of myself living in an attic apartment and pouring my heart out on an old typewriter which sat on a oak desk inlaid with leather, next to a large vase of flowers.

Weirdest place you’ve ever gotten up to mischief (define ‘mischief’ however you like…)

The middle in me loves mischief and I love losing myself to that sometimes. To tap into that carefree and naughty side feels like such a luxurious respite from ‘the real world.’ HL and I have made some good sexy mischief during our time together too. Probably the weirdest place was in a kind of open standing up bird cage (the ‘Funivia Colle Eletto’ in Gubbio, Italy) which took us up the ascent to visit the Basilica. The whole thing was unusual as you had to sort of run and launch yourself into the basket, and as we swung there precariously for all to see, it wasn’t just that sun that made my face burn!

Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself

Oh this game is so much harder than when I play it at school because I feel like I already have all my secrets out there on my blog but here goes:

Licking in my ear is a hard limit

I have agreed to attend a CMnf event

I once fell asleep while being caned


Complete the sentence: I want..

to let go.