what to wear

All the fun of the fair

HisLordship and I went off the Torture Garden last night with our good friends and fellow kinksters, kisungura and Cuiplash. We have been before but not for a while so we were really looking forward to it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Torture Garden, it bills itself […]

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A Public Spanking

I climb onto the bench and get comfortable. It feels strange but he rubs my back and my bum and bends to whisper in my ear. The voices around about me start to recede and I focus on the closeness of his body. I can feel his warmth and that […]

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missy at work

When missy came to work

Today has not been a very good day really. Things are fine at home but at work it didn’t go how I wanted it to. By that, I mean that really it went the only way it could – you win some you lose some – but when you care, […]

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Body Image - picture of woman with tape measure skirt

Body Image

I have been quite overwhelmed by the response to the recent pictures that I have posted here. I know that people are usually kind but it really has made me think about the body image issues that I have. In some ways I feel bad about it. I know that […]

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Unfiltered Avatar

Last week I decided to take part in Sinful Sunday in the hope that it would allow me to show a little more of myself, both in terms of what I write about and in the image that accompanies it, and ultimately become more comfortable with being me.  When I first […]

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Loving a Gentleman

Gentleman: a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man. Chivalry sounds a bit like one of those antiquated things. The stuff of knights and lords. I know that some will say, very tongue in cheek, that ‘chivalry is not dead’. Well in our house this is true. I see this most in […]

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Blame it on the Boots

I LOVE boots. My friend Emily will joke when I say that I don’t know what to wear. “What about boots?” she will ask. And it is true, I am more often than not in boots, whether they are long or short or high or low, boots are my preferred […]

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Submissive Power

So we were lying there this Sunday morning enjoying a slow start to the day. We had woken up at the usual time and were snuggled up with ipads, catching up on social media. There was no rush so we enjoyed the time that we had but after a while […]

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Big Girl Socks

For my Birthday this week HisLordship gave me these socks, as well as few other items which will help to embrace my middle side. I feel like this is the encouragement I need to make more of this part of me and, in talking about it with him today, I […]

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letting go - sketch of missy at the window

Throwing Caution To The Window

I know that I have a bit of an issue with things which are too revealing. I am caught between wanting to show the truth and wanting to be accepted and have recently realised that this stems from a lot of things that relate back to childhood. I also have […]

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type of submissive

What is your ideal view of my submission?

I wrote the title for this post back on the 8th of November. It came from a question that furcissy asked me about the type of submissive HisLordship wanted. I asked Sir the question, thinking that I could write the post but the conversation didn’t really go as anticipated. It […]

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Where’s submissy?

I have messed up my SEO.  This is not some kinky type of D/s acronym: Simple Easy Orgasm; Sexy Erotic Outstanding; Super Effective Oral, though all of those could be D/s related. The SEO of which I talk is far less exciting and earth shattering than this.  From my experience […]

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