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Holding Space — | The SafeworD/s Club

This post was written by kisungura and is on the blog at The SafeworD/s Club but I wanted to post it here too as I thought it touched on issues which might be relevant to others.

There are times when I need to be broken by him, taken apart and ripped wide open. There are times when he needs to break me, take me apart and rip me open. The deepest and deliciously darkest of these times are those where our dual needs smash into each other, meeting each other on…

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One thought on “Holding Space — | The SafeworD/s Club

  1. There are times when we all need to be desired in an animalistic fashion. I think I’m part because of the long time between orgasms that I am that way a lot. The good thing is that my Queen likes to be taken like that too. So as long as I don’t cum, it’s all good!!

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