I am not sure whether it is a threat or a promise, but HisLordship has said more than once that he plans to take some (hopefully semi) naked photographs of me outside. For one reason or another this has not happened yet, and I suppose that by writing this I am actually reminding him of it when that was not my intention. I am unsure as to whether or not that is a wise thing to do; I want to please him of course but I do have some quite strong reservations about it. I have expressed these to him in the past and whether it is that, or that lack of opportunity, or the onset of the colder weather that has stopped him carrying through, I do not know. 

My reservations about doing such a thing are essentially to do with the repercussions if we were caught. The indecency laws here mean that it could be potentially criminal if I was seen and reported, and that would be something that would probably end my career. I know that for some, the fear of getting caught adds to the thrill of what you are doing, but it doesn’t work like that for me; I wouldn’t really want anyone else to see even if there was not a legal risk. I think that the other thing to consider is that even if it wasn’t chargeable under the law, it would still be seen as being against the moral code I am meant to uphold, as far as my job goes. So I think that it is probably for this reason that Sir has laid his desire to take these pictures to rest for now.

If the risks above were not a factor, I think that I would be interested in taking some outdoor pics au naturel. I have always thought that a body can be something really beautiful and taken in an artistic way, in an outdoor setting, I think that the pictures could be really dramatic. We have some stunning scenery around where we live and the contrast of the delicate skin set against the rugged scenery could make something quite interesting to look at. So from that point of view I would really love to try it.

The combination of partial nudity and partial clothing is also something that I like. I am not one to really appreciate full exposure in pornographic images. I prefer something to be left to the imagination and I guess that is partly the romantic in me. Full on genitals is not something I want to look at, but a bare bottom, or a breast being revealed is something different.  I think even a completely naked body from a distance would be something more artistic and appealing to me.

I do not have an issue with showing my body when it is appropriate to do so and have never really seen it as something outrageous to be in your natural form. I will often go topless on holiday if that is acceptable to the company I am with and had no issue breastfeeding each of my three children in public, so I don’t feel that my body is something that should never be seen. Do I want people to look at it? Not really is the answer and, as illustrated by the occasions above, the times I have done it have been because it suited me.  That would be the case with this too in that I would only do it because Sir wanted me to and got something from it.

I don’t get much of a thrill from being seen by others, but the fact that it makes him happy definitely adds the edge for me and that is enough. We have talked about attending events where there would not be much clothing worn, and again, if it were safe for me, I would have no issue with it. I am not sure that it would arouse me being looked at by a crowd of strangers but the thought of being led around naked by HisLordship, as his, does turn me on. I would not want to be the only one as I like to blend in, but if that was the (un)dress code then I would not particularly have an issue with it. It would be a thrill to do something that meant a lot to him and also to make myself vulnerable for him.

I think the day will come when we do venture into the wilds for some photographic opportunities and there is part of me that really wants that to happen. I trust HisLordship completely but I do need to know that I am safe. It is hard to guarantee that you would not be in view of others but I am pretty sure that he has been looking into how he could make this happen in a way which would not put me at risk so we will see. I always like the thought that there are new things out there for us and that is a part of the dynamic we have that I really enjoy.