I have written about spanking before as it is something that I enjoy and is a big part of our dynamic but I saw that hand spanking was the topic for Kink of the Week so thought that I would try to put another post together (thanks to Ina Morata for sharing details of the various writing tasks you can get involved in).  Hand spanking is my favourite type of impact play and I love nothing more than being bared over HisLordship’s knee for a really good spank from him. The physical connection that is created through the feel of his hand on my skin is by far the best of all the tools, toys and implements that we have.

I still remember the first time he spanked my bare bottom with his hand. The sound it made was spectacular and I registered that before I felt the sting that followed. In fact the pain didn’t really have time to embed itself at all as the shock mixed with the thrill and the pleasure from our lovemaking merged and it was like it had never really happened at all. Until he did it again, and then again of course. Things heightened for me really quickly and it soon became a favourite of ours, although at that time we were still vanilla with a twist of kink on the side. A lot has changed since we became D/s and now spanking is a regular part of our play, or at least as regular as it can be with a house full of kids (soundproofing for the bedroom is still on the list).

So when we began this dynamic, we were not strangers to spanking but we had never had an actual spanking scene before, or used it as part of our play like we do now.  We started out slow I guess. The idea of causing me pain and discomfort for pleasure felt like an oversized coat to him initially I think, but as he saw how much I enjoyed it, his pleasure in doing it increased as well. He soon discovered that, if we warm up for a bit first, I don’t really have any limits where hand spanking is concerned. As much as his hand can take, my bum can take too.

Most of the spanking we do is erotic. It has become a bit of a go-to for us and it would not work that well as punishment I don’t think. Sir will warm my skin with some lighter slaps first and will rub and pinch as he goes. He will build the pace and the force slowly, adding to it as we go. He sometimes uses music and will spank to the beat which can be quite relentless depending on the duration of the song. I will feel my skin start to heat and burn and it just makes me need to feel him all the more. As his hand lands, my internal muscles shift and I become more and more aroused. Often I will push back up towards him, my bottom craving more but at the same time the rest of my body becomes increasingly relaxed.

Erotic spanking is a sensual experience for me and I become lost in the rhythm of it. I will lose myself and quickly let go of all of the other things that have been swirling around my mind. I become focussed on the pain and the pleasure and don’t want it to end. Even lying on my stomach, knowing that a spanking is coming is something that turns me on. If he touches my cheeks then it triggers those feelings so I feel aroused before he has even begun. I have orgasmed before just from the spanking but often Sir will play with me at the same time, so I am able to drift and relax to the point where I start to float away.

I can also vouch for the therapeutic qualities of spanking. Because it makes me feel so relaxed, we have also used it at times when I am feeling stressed or have a tension headache.  On occasion it has been able to lift the headache completely, but even if this doesn’t happen, it can be part of a temporary reprieve. We also use spanking to reinforce and reset our dynamic as it is something that places us both firmly in our respective D and s mindsets. We might do this if we feel that things have slipped a bit, for example due to pressures at work, family issues or health reasons.

As I said in a previous post, I think that it is the contradictions of spanking which really draw me in. I am completely vulnerable but so completely safe. I am fully exposed but so fully protected by him. I am thoroughly naughty but so thoroughly innocent as well. I can honestly say that I never feel so loved as when my bum is literally on fire from the force of his hand. It reinforces the closeness, combines the pleasure and pain, is kinky and thrilling, and can fix almost everything from feeling horny and desperate to a need to be broken and re-built in a tender and loving way.


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