“What’s on, honey?”


Sometimes I look at the world around me and I wonder why society seems to be so frigid about accepting kink and BDSM. I suppose it has this dark reputation and is viewed as being for those who are a little deviant or out there. However, other times I look and am confused by the double standards. As a teacher of sex education, I do know that here in stuffy old Britain, there is more on our compulsory curriculum about sex than in many of the US states, although I realise that it can vary a lot over there. We are teaching about sex and relationships and will inevitably end up covering the sort of misconceptions that teens are left with, when their most accessible source of information is often porn. Having said that, D/s remains a bit taboo and I have felt for a while that what we need to help our D/s cause is for a sophisticated celebrity couple to come out and endorse our lifestyle – maybe Will and Kate?  Continue reading


labelCategorising and labelling in an essential part of our learning and understanding of what is going on around us. It helps us to link things and by understanding similarities and differences within and between these categories, to arrive more quickly at an interpretation of what we see. By doing this we can process information quite quickly and reach an understanding based on our past experience.  We can then use prediction to hopefully make sense of it all and behave and interact in an way that is appropriate to the situation.  Continue reading

This Thing We Are

“I love you

I posted yesterday about Service. I explained that I’d had a bit of a light-bulb moment regarding the role that service could play in my relationship with HisLordship. Reading the book ‘Real Service’ was enlightening because it presented an alternative view to the one often portrayed in fiction as to what a full-time D/s relationship will look like. I have thought a bit more about the fact that I had not seen this before and have come to the conclusion that it may be because of my motivations for entering this sort of dynamic. Continue reading


How may I serve you, HisLordship-I have always said that I am not a ‘service sub’. My evidence for this has been the fact that I don’t particularly like doing chores (it certainly doesn’t turn me on) and that I complete household tasks as and when required and because they need to be done, so it has never really been linked to my D/s relationship. However, one of my friends recommended a book called ‘Real Service’, see Little Pearls Site, where she wrote an excellent review of the book. This book has got me really thinking and I realise now that I was totally mistaken in my understanding (or rather my misunderstanding) of what a service submissive was.  Continue reading

Under the Surface


I have felt horny all week. Somehow I just can’t seem to get enough of HisLordship. The kids are still here but the parents have now left and I feel like I just need to regroup. We have tried to catch time together and have managed a little during the day. Most of the private time has not been until we were in bed though, and I can’t say that we haven’t made the most of that both at bedtime and in the morning, but somehow it isn’t stopping the need. That need is something that has always been there in our relationship and is a recurring theme for me. The D/s has made it stronger of course and I do love it. Although I feel both physically and emotionally needy of him, that is a feeling that I have come to identify as being healthy for us. It has become a sign that things are working and that we are on the right track.  Continue reading

Little Missy Middle

This is really part 2 to yesterday’s post, The girl in me but I sort of ran into writing too much so I decided to break it down. I said there that I had identified with some of the aspects of a DD/lg dynamic but not necessarily the activities, and this had caused me some confusion. I also wrote about the way that labels make me feel so this post is me defining what this part of me means for me. Whether I fit into anyone else’s box or not matters little because it is about who, what and how I am that matters to HisLordship and I. If someone else reading can see a similarity to themselves and feel reassured that they are not alone, then so much the better. Continue reading