D (2)

As most of you will know, last night saw the opening of our new chat site – The SafeworD/s Club.  We were lucky to have some great chat with some amazing people and I am feeling pretty excited about things to come. One thing that I really liked was having the opportunity to speak with Dominants as well as submissives. This is not something that I usually get to do as the only Dominant I am in a position to chat with regularly is HisLordship so I found it really interesting to be able to hear another perspective on things.

I have been on a chat site before but it was for submissives only so there was no opportunity to learn about the same topic but from ‘the other side’.  My friend Emily described it as ‘riding the slash’ as in the D/s slash that separates us subs from the Doms. I do think that it is good to be able to chat in groups where you are sharing with people who are either ‘s’ types or ‘D’ types and to be able to talk about common issues or concerns, but it is also helpful to be able to be aware of the sorts of things that are issues for your counterparts. I think that it can help to get a better understanding of how things are from a Dominant point of view which is always helpful when trying to meet his needs.

Having the opportunity to talk to a wide range of people is also something I enjoyed. I think that when the conversation moves across the slash, there are potentially different topics discussed and you are more likely to consider the similarities and differences in that role. I suppose if you are a switch then you have a good understanding of both sides but if you only ever stay on your own side then it is harder to have real empathy and understanding for your partner. So I would conclude that for me, riding the slash, or at least crossing the slash, has been a positive experience and although it sounds particularly rude, the reality was respectful polite and thoughtful discourse on both sides.

I feel truly lucky to have met such a wonderful group of diverse people and I am excited about the things I will learn from others.  I feel already that my mind and horizons have been stretched and I am sure that HisLordship will make sure that my boundaries will soon follow. Personal growth is one of the things that I love about this dynamic, as well as the opportunity to grow together of course.  I look back sometimes and it is hard to believe how far we have come as a couple together. I am glad that I have my blog as a reflection of that journey and that it continues to be coloured by the interesting people who I meet along the way.