School’s Out for the Summer

School's Out

So here it is. The end of term and I made it!  Yippeeeeeee. I have to admit I felt I was hanging on there by a silken thread at points this week but my pupils have all gone home, my desk is tidy, and my out of office auto reply has been set until 21st August. Goodbye Miss M and hello missy. Which brings me to thinking about my summer of submission. Having such a long break is a real treat. It allows me to have time to focus on some of the things that I don’t always have the hours or the energy to do during a normal working week, so I am really looking forward to it very much. Continue reading


All about the sex?

DsIs it all about the sex-

I guess that the truth is: sex sells. And in our society that seems to be the case whether you are selling a car, a bottle of perfume, an ice-cream, or a relationship. If you look around you, it is often difficult to separate the sexy images from the product they are advertising, and if you are to search online for images to do with Domination and submission, plenty will depict sexy looking people in suggestive poses wearing nothing more than a set of cuffs or a collar, seemingly about to engage in the best sex of their lives. Now I would be lying if I did not admit that I too have engaged in the best sex I have ever had since embarking upon this journey, but really that is only a part of what I think that this thing is about.  Continue reading

Pleasing you, pleasing me?


When give and take in a relationship becomes a finely tuned thing, it is interesting to see how that plays out. When you decide to put the needs of each other before your own, gone are the days of the power struggle and the tit-for-tat. Instead you become more focussed on deriving your own satisfaction and happiness from the pleasure you get in pleasing your partner. A power exchange relationship is beautiful in its simplicity and it is not only in the bedroom that you notice it. In a 24/7 dynamic, it stretches to most things and becomes as natural a thing for me to hand him the shinier of the two coffee cups and the larger of the two glasses of wine, as it is for him to hand me the Snack-a-Jacks caramel rice cake whilst I notice he is having the Tesco one himself. (The difference is small but one has slightly more flavour and is slightly less cardboardy that the other! Continue reading

Riding the Slash

D (2)

As most of you will know, last night saw the opening of our new chat site – The SafeworD/s Club.  We were lucky to have some great chat with some amazing people and I am feeling pretty excited about things to come. One thing that I really liked was having the opportunity to speak with Dominants as well as submissives. This is not something that I usually get to do as the only Dominant I am in a position to chat with regularly is HisLordship so I found it really interesting to be able to hear another perspective on things. Continue reading

The SafeworD/s Club

The SafeworDs Club (1)

Our new site, The SafeworD/s Club, is now open for business so please come along, register and have a look around.

We would love you to join us for our opening night on Friday 16th June from 8pm until 8am (British Summer Time).

We hope to see you there.

HisLordship and missy


When I was young, my school reports used to label me as a chatterbox.  I do think that I like to talk, and even my blog has been a way of doing that.  In real life I think that I probably talk too much and possibly share too much but I like people and am interested in them and I believe that relationships and friendships are forged out of the willingness to give a little of yourself.  It is for this reason that I really appreciate all those of you who follow my blog and take time to engage with me via your comments.  Continue reading

3 weeks and counting

3 weeks

Three weeks to go, and counting. I am looking forward to the end of term, and a well earned break for a number of reasons but the main one is that I am excited to have the time and energy to invest into my submission.  This is not to say that I do not see myself as being submissive now because I do, but I am really excited that I will be able to really concentrate on it and step things up a bit.  I think that I see myself as wanting to be a cross between the ideal 50s housewife and a sex slave come sex siren.  I know, of course, that in reality this is not likely to happen – after all we still have 7 kids who are in and out of the house – but I feel that I will be one step closer to being who I want to be, for me and for HisLordship. Continue reading