Let's get Physical

Recently we had cause to consider whether or not His Lordship should accept work which meant us living apart for some of the time. This was a tough decision. Obviously the usual pros and cons had to be taken into account, but how it affected our D/s was also a large consideration. We talked about […]

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Schoolgirl scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Schoolgirl Scene

There can be a variety of ways to start a schoolgirl scene but on this occasion I am simply instructed to have a bath, prepare myself, and then get changed into the clothes that he will leave outside the bathroom. I love this part of a scene, getting ready; it will really help to get […]

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50 Shades Darker

Ok so I went to see the film. Actually we went to see the film but really it was me who wanted to go and Sir took me as part of the whole being a good Dom thing – ironic in a way. And I am sort of embarrassed because it is really not quality […]

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My Sir is good with his hands. This extends not only to how he deals with me, but also far beyond, into the realm of DIY.  It is great to be able to live with someone who can turn their hand to fixing most of the things that go wrong around the place. I can’t […]

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A Dance with Destiny

She met him at a party. She hadn’t really wanted to go but her parents had said that it was not optional. A show of their wealth and importance; what did she care for that?  Idiots, all of these boys her mother found. Flowers and chocolates – she just wasn’t interested. She didn’t think she […]

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Anal Play - picture of glass dildo

Anal Play

Anal sex is one of those things that, once considered taboo, now seems much more mainstream. There has certainly been an increase in the numbers of heterosexual couples who admit to having anal sex and a survey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010 found that one in five women between the ages […]

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