Let’s get Physical

images-1Recently we had cause to consider whether or not His Lordship should accept work which meant us living apart for some of the time. This was a tough decision. Obviously the usual pros and cons had to be taken into account, but how it affected our D/s was also a large consideration. We talked about our relationship and both agreed that although we thought it could sustain the distance; we wouldn’t know until we tried of course, but we feel that our marriage is strong and we didn’t see it affecting the way we feel about each other. However, how we would make our Dominance and submission work is a much more complicated question and we both knew it would certainly look a lot different to the way it is now. Continue reading


Schoolgirl Scene


I am instructed to have a bath, prepare myself, and then get changed into the clothes that he will leave outside the bathroom. I love this part of a scene, getting ready; it will really help to get me in the right mindset, especially if he requires something specific. I get the water right and lay back. I can hear the music drifting through from the bedroom and think about what might unfold. Sometimes I will know the type of scene beforehand and sometimes there will be clues or small tasks to do to prepare but that has not happened this time so I really don’t know what is coming.  Continue reading

50 Shades Darker

mv5bmtq5ntk0njg2n15bml5banbnxkftztgwnzk5nzk3mdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_Ok so I went to see the film. Actually we went to see the film but really it was me who wanted to go and Sir took me as part of the whole being a good Dom thing – ironic in a way. And I am sort of embarrassed because it is really not quality viewing but something deep down just made me want to see. A bit like looking at an accident I suppose. Of course I had known from reading the books and watching the first film that I would be left feeling pretty much as I do now. Part of me feels irritated and annoyed that it sort of tars ‘us’ with a false, slightly creepy and affected brush, but the other part of me feels pleased that at least in some small way, the vanilla community is making moves to normalising the desire to participate in consensual BDSM activities. Continue reading


My Sir is good with his hands. This extends not only to how he deals with me, but also far beyond, into the realm of DIY.  It is great to be able to live with someone who can turn their hand to fixing most of the things that go wrong around the place. I can’t begin to add up the amount of money this will have saved us over the years, but it has also given me a sense of freedom, in that I don’t really need to worry too much when practical things need doing – Sir will sort them. It is also really special to live in a home where his hard work and effort have had a direct impact on the surroundings that we all enjoy. Continue reading

A Dance with Destiny

She met him at a party. She hadn’t really wanted to go but her parents had said that it was not optional. A show of their wealth and importance; what did she care for that?  Idiots, all of these boys her mother found. Flowers and chocolates – she just wasn’t interested. She didn’t think she would ever meet anyone who would do the things that she wanted them to. She had tried to drag her flatmate, Catriona, along just to make the thing bearable but she was a student nurse and wouldn’t finish shift until much later.   So alone she went. Continue reading

Birthday Spankings and other pleasures

One of the good things about being 47 is that 47 is a good number for birthday spankings – as I discovered. Of course mine were actually birthday canings (house full of teens as per usual) but I am sure that the overall impact is the same. There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a busy day of celebrations with family, than to close the door on everything and just submit to what is coming your way.  Continue reading

Anal Play

fullsizerender475Anal sex is one of those things that, once considered taboo, now seems much more mainstream. There has certainly been an increase in the numbers of heterosexual couples who admit to having anal sex and a survey published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010 found that one in five women between the ages of 20 and 39 had anal sex in the last three months, and 46 percent had tried it at least once.  Unfortunately as a woman in my 40s I have missed the target group but I would argue that the statistics for women my age in D/s relationships would be much higher than those recorded in that survey.  I think the general increase will be to do with women feeling not just more comfortable to try it but also to admit to it, and access to information on the internet allowing them to find ‘how to’ guides, find sites where they can easily purchase anal toys and, if they wish, enjoy a wealth of anal related porn. Within the D/s community, however, I expect it is much more to do with the openness and trust that allows couples to express their fantasies, explore and experiment together and the desire to push boundaries and meet each other’s needs.  Continue reading