Being exposed can make you feel vulnerable, and being vulnerable can make you emotionally dependent on someone else. Within D/s these feelings are all real, but they do not carry with them the same negative aspects as they might usually.  Being exposed can mean that you are at risk of […]

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The house that D/s built

Recently a friend asked me an interesting question. What is the bread and butter of your D/s? I had to think about this for a while and later on I discussed it with Sir as the process led me to evaluate what we were doing and discover why, at times, […]

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sensory deprivation - woman with blindfold

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory play is a huge part of any sexual activity. From touch, to sight, to taste, to smell, it all works to heighten the experience; but within BDSM sensory deprivation can play an even bigger role.  When you lose one sense the others immediately become enhanced, meaning that the experience […]

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Back on Track

I think we are back on track. We have had a bit of a bumpy ride the last while and things have not been as consistent as usual. This has been tricky as it is harder for us both to keep our mindsets in these circumstances. Nothing has been wrong […]

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My recent post on Humiliation attracted some interesting comments. I love it when this happens as I think that sharing and hearing from others really helps to develop your thinking. One such comment was from Jen. I know that a lot of you already follow Jen’s Blog but if not, and you have […]

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His Return

She had been waiting for him for a long time. Possibly it had not been as long as she thought but she felt his absence so keenly that is was as if a part of her was gone too. She had not really expected him back that night either so […]

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….we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two. All relationships have bumps and ups and downs. Sometimes outside factors can become too great and they start to challenge […]

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The Fire

I feel that need burning inside me again. It is strong, so very strong, that it is almost overwhelming me.  I struggle to concentrate and even to breathe. The effort of the simple things becomes magnified and the outside world seems to slow to a pace that just washes over […]

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soliciting Dominance

Soliciting Dominance

Someone told me the other day that ‘When Dominance is solicited it will ring hollow. He has to want to change and choose on his own.’  I will admit I was annoyed and I wondered what the term ‘soliciting Dominance’ even meant.  Is that what I am doing, and if […]

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reality of fantasy

The Reality of my Fantasy 

The reality of my fantasy is hard to explain. HisLordship commented in his recent post that behind my “‘come fuck me eyes’ lurks a mind probably full of dreams, like clouds of purple and red smoke whirling around forming new erotic shapes.” This reminded me of the poem pictured here which […]

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Some Like it Rough

A number of women I speak to seem to enjoy rough sex sometimes and I guess that is why being Dominated can work for many. You are vulnerable, at the mercy of someone else, sometimes bound, senses blocked, just focussing on the sensations as the moment builds. I have also […]

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My thoughts on rules are mixed right now.  Usually I think that rules are good; they help to keep structure and peace. They mean that we know where we are. We are taught from a young age that all we do is simply follow the rules and we will be […]

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A Need for submission

My last two posts A Need for Domination and Humiliation got me thinking again about my submission and what that means for me, and for us as a couple.  As I explained, I have come to the conclusion that while I like being submissive, it is being Dominated which switches me on sexually.  However, I […]

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humiliation emoji


I have wanted to write about humiliation for a while; erotic humiliation that is.  I haven’t for a couple of reasons.  The first is ironic.  I am embarrassed that I am into it.  The second is that what we find a turn on is very personal and very individual and […]

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