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11. Striptease

Today I am pushing my tinselled boundaries and, hopefully, giving Sir something which is both naughty and nice. He will know that this one will not be easy for me, but I aim to give it my best shot.



10 thoughts on “11. Striptease

  1. This is so out of my comfort zone! A couple weeks ago Sayyid asked me to strip for him. It was lousy! Lol so later that night I asked for a do-over. It didn’t go much better but he appreciated my efforts lol.

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    • I did feel a little awkward. I am better with music so the ‘Private Dancer’ one went more smoothly. The things were about what he wanted though and it was something he had mentioned. Somehow initiating it made me feel a bit more empowered and it helped my confidence. A lot of the things I chose were pushing my boundaries. He loves all of the nakedness whereas I am self conscious. I wanted the things to be gifts and that wouldn’t have worked if they were things that were easy for me.

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