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8. A nip in the air

Christmas is a time when the temperature drops and it is nippy out.  To celebrate that I have made some Christmas nipple clamps from clothes pegs and jingle bells which I will present to Sir to be used as he wishes.  I think it will be more than tingle bells for me this time. 


14 thoughts on “8. A nip in the air

  1. The local carolers concert was livened up this evening by His Lordship who played the bells on his wife’s upper torso. All agreed it made a nice change of pace although missy’s long drawn out oooooohhhhhhh tended to be off-key. His Lordship assured the audience that missy would learn the proper accompaniment by the next event or else. The ‘or else’ was not specified but His Lordship was overheard whispering something about ‘stocks’. It could have been ‘socks’ although bend over does not apply to footwear normally.

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