Happy Hogmanay

Wishing you all a very happy Hogmanay and a prosperous new year.  “Lang may your lum reek” is a traditional Scottish greeting for this time of year, which translated means long may your chimney smell, or rather, may your fire always have fuel. Clearly this is important in the freezing north but in this day and age of central heating it takes on more of a metaphorical meaning. So as we huddle around the wood burner with our nearest and dearest tonight it is surely about more than being literally warm. Warmth is found in friendships and relationships and so my resolution for 2017 is to put more fuel into these fires; to make more effort to show those who matter that they do, through the small things that can be easily forgotten when time and resources are stretched. I think it is about those little acts of kindness that meet our basic needs as much as the grand gestures that society seems to favour these days. So to all my readers, I wish you well and thank you for the warm welcome I have had to WordPress since putting pen to paper back at the end of July. Lang may yer lums reek! 


A Need for Domination

625632_504057549655728_2012938590_nDomination is my safe place. For those who are not in a D/s relationship it can be difficult to explain why this is the case and how it works. Sometimes it can also be difficult to explain to my Dominant what it is I need and why I need it, which can be a little more complicated.  There are, of course, many facets to our relationship; the excitement of the kink and exploring new things together, the closeness and intimacy that has developed between us and the vulnerability and trust that has grown from the open communication to name but a few.  Sir is a real gentleman. He is attentive, thoughtful and nurturing, so to some it might seem odd that I want and need him to to take a firm hand with me when I am at my weakest. Continue reading

Surviving the holidays

Really this post should be called, surviving the holidays, with your D/s intact. This can be difficult to do. There can be so many pressures on you – usually time and people – that keeping each other as your priority can be hard. In our efforts to meet the, sometimes unreasonable and unrealistic, demands of others, we can stop meeting the much simpler and less demanding desires of each other. I think that this happens to everyone and HisLordship and I have certainly found holidays a challenge in the past. We love the chaos and whirlwind that having a large family brings but amidst the endless cooking, taxi driving and entertaining, it can be hard to keep that connection.  Continue reading

Happy Christmas

Whatever it is that you love to do, I hope that this Christmas you find the time and the opportunity to make it happen. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Warmest wishes, missy and HisLordship 😊

24. Christmas Present

download-6‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
missy got ready, preparing with care,
Knowing HisLordship soon would be there.
Meanwhile, he too, was preparing for bed,
While visions of kink danced around in his head;
He imagined having missy spread over his lap,
And of how her bum rippled as he gave it a slap.
When he got to the bedroom, well, what a surprise,
In fact he could scarcely believe his own eyes.
For a real Christmas present, he found right there,
Tied up with ribbon, but otherwise bare;
It was his missy, on hands and knees,
Bum in the air and aiming to please.
24 gifts to her Sir, she had given
but the final one, was her ultimate submission.

This Thing We Do

The last few weeks have made me realise that actually my effort at a submissive advent calendar is a good example of how I define this thing we do: ttwd; this D/s thing. It is an illustration of how my submission works and I think it is a good insight into the type of relationship that we have. Trying to provide a flavour of how it works for us was not my intention of course, but I suppose that, as with any journal, you will see a pattern start to form if you look. Continue reading