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3D Reading


So, Sir introduced something new last night – 3D reading!

He explained to me that this would mean that he would read my post while I served him using the topic related to the content of my writing.  He said that I was to do this last night for him and then I would have something to post about today.

I have to say that his feedback was very positive, although I did notice that it took him a very looooong time to read my post. He commented, however, that having a live demonstration really helped to bring the writing to life and that he had felt fully engaged with it! I also noticed that we strayed into some territory not covered in my post after he had put his ipad down, but I imagine that is just Dominant’s prerogative.

He concluded that 3D reading is something he will want to do on a regular basis, so he will be adding this to our dynamic.  I had better think carefully about my subject matter from here on in I think!


11 thoughts on “3D Reading

    • He is. I love that sneaky Dom thing when they turn it back on you. Re the video, I felt her action was very quick for comfortable reading really but it was what I could find. She could slow down and really treasure the experience as I feel that might suit him better 😉

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