Catch me if you can

The first thing with Sir is that he can catch me, and the second is that I know that he will catch me. This is reassuring to say the least; I trust him implicitly and he has never knowingly let me down. However, sometimes it is hard to catch someone when you don’t know they are falling and this is even harder if they don’t recognise it themselves. It can be difficult to be that cushion to protect them and keep them safe if you have no idea where they are going to land. This is how it can be with us sometimes.  Continue reading


Submissive Advent Calendar

original_balloon-advent-calendar-and-activity-kitThis year I have decided that I will do a submissive advent calendar for HisLordship.  There are a few reasons for this.  One is that I thought about doing this last year and then ended up following something that someone else persuaded me into and it didn’t really work out for us. The second is that we have decided not to do much in the way of presents for each other this year, so I thought that something small to give Sir each day would be a nice way to build up to Christmas and make a little more of it for him.  The third is that I have been so busy this last while that I have not been able to be as active with my submission as I would like, and I thought that this would help to kick start the festive period and get my head back right where I want it to be. I thought that if I posted my submissive gift to Sir at the beginning of each day then it will be like opening the window on an advent calendar for him.  This past year has been tough on us both and so this is also my way of showing him that I think of him and want to submit to him each and every day, and that I really appreciate all that he does for me.

Missing you and missing me

I am having a lovely weekend celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday with her. We have come away together for a city break which is really nice. It is giving us lots of one to one time which is not always possible in the busy family life we have. All of our children have developed a really strong bond with each other and this makes Sir and I hugely happy. We have spent a lot of time on working to blend our families and create new memories but sometimes finding the opportunity to spoil and concentrate on just one child can be more difficult. So this is time just for the two of us. Continue reading

Living in the Shadows

As I sit here on a Tuesday evening writing this post for my married submissive blog, my kids are chatting in the family room and my husband is talking about sex toys and building bondage furniture on a skype call to his Dom friend in Norway. I realise that there are probably not many (if any) other couples in my village doing the same sort of things with their time.  I am also pretty sure that I was the only one at the family party on Sunday who was made to remove their underwear mid event, and then sent to bed early for a good spanking after they had all gone home.  However, having said that, I am convinced that there other like-minded souls out there, in the shadows, living a similar sort of existence. Continue reading


Sir and I were chatting this evening about our direction and where we wanted our D/s to go. As often happens we ended up in quite an interesting discussion where we were talking about things we had experienced and the directions some of the other people we know seemed to be taking.  For some reason we ended up talking about being kinky. I said that I wasn’t sure that the kink drove me – don’t get me wrong, I love the things that we do, but feel it is often more about the emotion for me and the kink is a way to deal with or express those emotions. We were talking about other people who might explore their D/s through play in clubs etc. Anyway, when I said that I wasn’t sure that I was driven by kink, Sir challenged that and, in doing so, made me I think more deeply about what being kinky means. Continue reading

The Doxy

84271_2I mentioned in my last post that we went to sexpo last year and that when we were there we bought ourselves a brilliant new wand. This has to be the single best toy that we have bought so far and although it was pretty pricey, it was worth every penny.  Prior to this we had a magic wand bought from Love Honey which was fine as long as no-one was within a 2 mile radius of our house.  Ok I exaggerate but, while it delivered pleasing sensations, the noise it produced as a result was something akin to a road drill, so certainly not something to use when the kids were at home.   Continue reading

A Fun Weekend



‘Any plans for the weekend?’

‘Yes. We’re off to London to meet with a group of kinky friends we found online, attend a sex and lifestyle exhibition and have some bdsm fun together in our hotel room!”

Obviously that wasn’t the answer I gave my family, friends and work colleagues but, this time last year, it is exactly what we did. Continue reading