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Happy Anniversary Sir

When I felt invisible, you saw me. When I felt weak, you made me feel stronger, and when I needed a friend, you were there. You have broadened my world. You are my shelter, and my wings. You have calmed me and made me feel safe, but you have also made me laugh and sing inside. You have enriched my life, and I never want to lose you. This is why I love you and why I want to marry you.


I promise to love you and support you through our life together. I promise to partner you in creating a happy family home for our children, and to try always to be there for you, and for them. I promise to put your best interests at heart and to grow with you in our shared life together. I promise to listen as well as talk, to comfort as well as share and to follow where you lead. Above all, I promise to try to keep you always at the centre of my world.

17th October 2014



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