I mentioned in Story of the O – #1 that I experienced different types of orgasms from different types of play.  The forced orgasm was something that I had not experienced prior to D/s. A forced orgasm will often involve restraint although that wouldn’t need to be a requirement.  You would then stimulate your partner to the point where they orgasm involuntarily.  In D/s this will often involve carefully controlling the intensity and the duration of the stimulation.  With us, this can often mean that Sir continues to stimulate me even after I have come the first time, forcing me to have a whole series of orgasms one after another over an extended period of time.  Although this is almost painful torture, it will push me deeper and deeper until I lose any sense of control of my own body.

The first proper scene we ever had was a forced orgasm scene.  Sir had me secured on his play bench so that there was really no way I could move.  He then used the wand to to edge me for quite a while so that my focus was on fighting back the climax.  As I became more tormented I begged him to let me come; when he finally agreed it was on the proviso that I understood that he would make me come again and again and that there would be no release from this.  Obviously I agreed!

As the orgasm tore through me I sought to escape from the vibration of the wand but there was no release from that.  I fought against my bonds but he had me fastened so securely with rope and cuffs that there was little to do to escape it.  I had thought that I had already given up control, but Sir was demanding more.  I had to give up part of my own body and slowly free my mind from it.  It is hard to explain what this feels like;  I am not sure whether to say that I went into myself or that I left myself, but I seemed to become lost and I began to drift further away from my reality with every orgasm he took.

He reduced the pressure of the wand a little in order to let me gather myself a bit and then he upped things again.  He built me up again and again, each time taking me a bit deeper.  I became both desensitised and hypersensitive all at the same time. My body was reacting to what he was doing and responding but my mind could not quite cope and I was having to try to detach the thinking part of my brain from what was happening and just melt into the sensation. This took some effort as he held me on the edge and toyed with me for so long. I was never allowed to recover completely and he didn’t let me touch him either.  All my being became sensation focussed and I moved from trying in vain to escape it to completely embracing it over and over again.  I would say I went up and down, but really there was no down.  It was just up and then further up, if that makes sense.  By the end, my mind was so completely free that my body just slumped and I went limp.

I honestly have no idea how many times I came that night.  In the end, when he finally released me and lay me on the bed, I came just from the feel of the heat of his body. I can remember the ecstasy when I felt him finally inside me but it was the physical connection which had the impact rather than anything else.  My body needed and wanted him. I can remember vividly the look on his face and the way that he spoke to me.  He was all Dom as he watched me slowly fall apart. He had me exactly where he wanted me and I was his to with what he wanted.  He was as high on that as I was. The whole scene probably lasted a couple of hours.  I hit subspace during the scene and afterwards he just held me close for quite a while and waited for me to come back to him.  Suffice to say, Sir has used forced orgasm regularly since and it is something which always leaves me feeling that I have been shattered and made anew.  The power of the forced orgasm is one of the discoveries of D/s that has pushed my limits and taken me to a place that I would never have experienced without it.

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