Cock Therapy

I wrote about the role of oral sex in our relationship in my post, when giving meets receiving, and there I mentioned that we used it sometimes as part of our ritual for transitioning from work to home mode and also sometimes to reset our dynamic. I also explained that over the time we have been in a D/s relationship, my attitude towards it has changed and it has become much more meaningful as an act than it used to be for me. As a Dominant, obviously these things are Sir’s choice and, he has taken advantage of my desire to serve him in this way. However, I think over the years, it has become much more than that for me. Continue reading


Two Faced Update

So, Sir read my post and when had finished said, “Very informative.”

I wasn’t really sure if that was good or bad, but the evening passed anyway.  After a bit he told me it was time for bed and said that he thought that he would give me five minutes of the cane.  I fluttered my eyelashes a bit and said, “Only 5 minutes, Sir?” Continue reading

Two Faced


Two days in and I am finding this week a challenge.  After two weeks at home with Sir, I am back out there in my other world, earning a living.  After two weeks of submitting to him, I am his completely, and I have not had to worry about anything else.  Not only do I miss spending time with him, I miss what he makes me, and that is His – all day, every day. Now, of course, I know that I still belong to him.  I can touch my collar, I can check my phone and I can feel what we have. It is a constant with me but other responsibilities have crept in, and I am feeling weighed down by them.  I still want to be the kitten, and being the lion is taking some adjusting to. Continue reading

The Power Exchange


img_3238The power exchange that takes place in our D/s relationship is a key part of what keeps our dynamic alive, but it is not something which is easy to explain. I imagine that those in similar relationships can understand the significant part it plays, but for those who aren’t, or who are just starting out, I wanted to try to convey how it works. All relationships work in a circular sort of motion with the actions of one person feeding the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of the other. Continue reading

Bending my Will

Last night, having dealt me a bit of a caning, Sir said that he planned to have my bum cheeks exposed today so that he could enjoy the marks he had made.  This morning, true to form, he had not forgotten.  “Time to get up, missy, and I would like you downstairs naked this morning for breakfast!”  I have to admit that I did not rise immediately. There were a couple of reasons that I did not want to do as he asked. Continue reading

Two Years of submission


I decided to that it would be useful to think about the past two years living as a submissive wife.  I guess that really what I want to think about it how far I have come and where I am going to go next.  I have always believed that relationships are organic, they grow and change with the ups and downs and events of your life together, and this is why unless you grow together, you can look around after a period of time and realise that you are both on different paths.  I made that mistake in a previous life and it is not a route that I want to take this time.  I plan to stay firmly on the path that Sir and I have chosen, which is not so hard now that I have committed to follow him! Continue reading


I have been thinking a lot about respect and what that means to different people. In our D/s relationship respect is extremely important. Sir requires that I am respectful to him at all times and in turn he has the greatest respect for me and values me as being part of him. This has put a real emphasis on respect for us, and in turn, for our children, as the atmosphere has changed a bit at home because of this.  I don’t think that we were ever disrespectful to each other but there is a difference between that and being actively respectful towards someone; Continue reading