When we first started spanking we didn’t know much about the sweet spot.  This is a term used to describe the part of the lower bum just above where it meets the top of the thighs. It is called the sweet spot as it feels especially good when spanked, due to the nerve endings located there, and this is where much of the spank action is usually focussed.  I suppose that there was so much involved in spanking for us, and it went beyond the physical, so when we started we just experimented and did what worked and felt good.

Like I said in a previous post, Spanking Uncovered, we started out slowly with spanking and built it up over time until it became a solid part of our dynamic.  We progressed to longer erotic spanking sessions which increased in intensity and would often move to other types of impact play.  During these times, Sir experimented with different strokes and movements, watching to see the reaction that he got.  He has used a variety of techniques, never sticking with the same pattern for too long so that I don’t really know what to expect – always a good way to keep my mind as his and prevent me slipping into my own thoughts of how things might go.

As an aside, for us, me being one step ahead is not part of what we do as it has to be reactive and spontaneous.  I know that some recommend walking through things before a scene but for us that is not something that we do.  We know each other so well and trust each other completely so we are happy just to go with things at the time.  Sir will watch closely and read my responses and I will give myself over to him and take what he gives.  To me, that is part of his Dominance and my submission.  He leads and I follow.  We are aware through discussion where the limits lie and, as we talk afterwards about what has worked etc, we are learning about each other and building up a picture all the time.  For us, the communication at the time will keep us on the same page and that is an important part of the connection that we share.  The anticipation and excitement is a huge draw but more than anything I want to give up control to Sir and that would not happen fully if I had an idea what was coming. That may work for some but I would have a picture in my head of how things would be, would be thinking too much about what was coming next and would worry that I would end up topping from the bottom. This is Sir’s show and he is running it; I don’t need a script!

So, back to the spanking.  As time has progressed I have become more and more into spanking and the thrill that it gives. Thankfully, so has HisLordship. After he has warmed up my skin and begin to spank in earnest,  the feelings start to really intensity for me.  The skin heats to a fiery point and the pain moves into pleasure.  Each hit seems to strike on the skin and then the feelings move to the genital area. I become completely relaxed and every whack becomes a touch on my clit.  As time has worn on I have found that the sensitivity to touch, particularly on the sweet spot, has increased and repeated attention can even lead to an orgasm.  I guess it is to do with muscle memory but now if Sir even touches that area with his fingers, I will have a physical response to it and it will trigger a real reaction, sending me straight back there.  The last few nights even a slight stroke has set me off and left me craving more in such a needy way. So whether it is that, or the reading of lurvspanking’s erotic stories, I certainly have spanking on my mind right now!

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