Spanking.  What is it about this that gets me running to my room to slip off my knickers, bend over and present myself?  I’m sure that my fellow spankthusiasts out there know exactly what I mean. But somehow, at some point, I moved from being someone who enjoyed the odd slap on the bum during sex, to someone who needs and craves the thrill, the calmness and the  connection that a really good spank can bring.

So how did we get to where we are today?  I think that the answer is slowly and tentatively in the beginning, building to an enthusiasm which finds me baring all at every opportunity.  There is nothing quite like a really good spank. In fact, the harder and the longer, the better.  Spanking, for me, embodies what my D/s is.  It reinforces the closeness, combines the pleasure and pain, is kinky and thrilling, and can fix almost everything from feeling horny and desperate to a need to be broken and re-built in a tender and loving way.

I think that this is something that many don’t understand, but those who engage in spanking really get.  It is difficult to explain to the non-convert why being over the knee of the man you love is such a powerful thing.  I am completely vulnerable but so completely safe.  I am fully exposed but so fully protected by him.  I am thoroughly naughty but so thoroughly innocent as well.  I think that it is the contradictions of spanking which really draw me in.  I have never felt so loved as when my bum is literally on fire from the force of his hand.

As  I said, we began slowly while we learnt my tolerance and his strength.  We tried a variety of positions and a variety of techniques.  We experimented, combining toys into our erotic spanking scenes and using music and some role play at times to set the backdrop.  Spanking was soon our go-to as a warm up for impact play as well as sometimes being the main event. Quite early on we also learnt the value of spanking as a way of re-setting our dynamic or managing the residual emotions which are a consequence of our busy lives.  These maintenance spankings were invaluable to keeping the mindset both for me and for my Sir and really helped us to keep things on track or get back on the road when we had hit a bump.

Today spanking plays a solid part in our dynamic. It is something which still excites me and something which I still crave and feel I need.  It is one of those things that I just want to urge people to try, although I can see that without the right mindset, it probably wouldn’t mean what it does to those of us who are regular practitioners. I am now feeling thoroughly dreamy at the thought of a thoroughly good spanking.  I can’t wait to feel his hand connect with me again and feel everything slowly slip away as we melt into each other.  I want to feel relaxed and light as only he can make me, and feel washed by the pain and caressed by the pleasure once more.  I think that perhaps the addictive nature of this popular form of kink has got its hold on me, and thankfully, I am not only happy at the thought of that, but also ready to take the hit.

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