The romantic in me has always loved this poem.  I have always wanted to feel the devotion and trust that inspired Yeats but it evaded me for most of my life. The student in me appreciated the imagery and understood the depth of the passion and love that he felt in his cloths of heaven.  The fact that he wanted to put all that he was into them and then offer them as something for his lover to walk upon was something that I loved but had never really felt.  

The submissive in me is celebrating that I have found my cloths.  I have thrown everything that I have and am into them and have laid them out as Yeats did.  My dreams are the most personal, secret and fragile part of me but I trust that my Sir will tread softly on them, and he does.  He takes the vulnerability that I give him and turns it into my strength. He turns what is erotic and hidden and dark into something real that we can experience. He not only treads on my dreams, he feeds my dreams and the cloth that they are becomes one that we walk along together.  He has meant that now I no longer just read the words of the poem I love, but I live them too.  Thank you Sir.