Story of the O – #1 Orgasms

This is the first part of a group of multiple posts on orgasms, including: Forced Orgasms, Squirting Orgasms, Anal Orgasms, Spanking (impact) Orgasms and Blended Orgasms.

I have always considered myself fortunate in that I am able to orgasm quite easily.  I was aware that statistically I was one of the lucky ones but never really thought that much about it.  When it first happened I was pretty young Continue reading


Oh That Sweet Sweet Spot

When we first started spanking we didn’t know much about the sweet spot.  This is a term used to describe the part of the lower bum just above where it meets the top of the thighs. It is called the sweet spot as it feels especially good when spanked, due to the nerve endings located there, and this is where much of the spank action is usually focussed. Continue reading

A Safe Place

Sir mentioned me recently his a post, What’s in a Name, where he commented, “she doesn’t find having her Dom firing on one cylinder a safe place to be.”  I thought about this at the time and felt quite guilty that he had felt that is what he saw in me.  My initial reaction was also to feel a little put out Continue reading

Without Words

The room was dark and had the faint smell of almond oil.

She was naked.

She knelt as he had instructed.  She started slightly as the music filled the room.

She waited patiently and tried to focus.  Her legs began to ache. They became hot and began almost to burn, then they fizzed for a while and seemed to disappear altogether. Continue reading

Four Fingers and Beyond

I was asked by a friend the other day what I got out of fisting and anal sex.  She also wondered what it was that my Sir got from it.  She and her Dom had set these as limits I think, but were interested in what there might be to gain in it if they decided to revisit that. Continue reading

The Tap of HisLordship’s Cane

I am lying on my front.  My arms are spread above me and my legs are spread apart.  I must not move and so I lie still, bound by his will.  My body is pressed into the sheets and my sensitivity to the touch of the cotton is a telltale sign that my body knows what is to come.  I twitch ever so slightly on the inside as my head communicates with my body. Continue reading

Collar Time

For want of trying to describe our current dynamic, Sir and I would label ourselves as 24/7. We are not, however, in a high protocol Dominant/submissive relationship full-time as there has to be space there for the other things that make up our lives; work, children, friends, domestic chores etc. We aim to remain in the mindset all the time, but in reality, there is a degree of dipping in and out as other events and commitments require. Continue reading