Teenagers who ‘know’.

In my last post D/s with kids I referred to the fact that one of my children knew about our D/s.  This is the story of how that happened.  This was pretty early on in our journey but thankfully there have been no terrible repercussions of her discovery since, and actually the closeness that we have as a result has been a real positive, so I thought that I would share. Continue reading


D/s with kids

D/s with kids is a topic that comes up quite frequently when I talk with other married submissives, particularly those starting out.  It is also something that I have been asked about by vanilla friends and family who are aware of our dynamic.  I guess that the fact that people assume that practising Domination and submission would either be impossible with a family, or lead to some sort of mental scarring for the children concerned, is part of the whole misunderstanding of what such a relationship involves. Continue reading

The Fire of Love


I think that for me this is true.  Obviously there are many different types of love in life – the love of our children, parents, friends etc will be very different to the love of our partner, but to actually feel that love is always an incredible thing.  It is consuming and often overwhelming and has the ability to lift us up completely.  But the love that I have felt through my current dynamic is different to anything I have ever felt before, and I truly believe that it feeds the fire of my life. Continue reading

Maintenance D/s

I think I would have to describe this past week as a week of maintenance D/s, if such a thing exists. It hasn’t been full on, in your face bells and whistles that is for sure, but rather bubbling away under the surface, an ever present part of what we do. We haven’t been actively engaged in Domination and submission but rather, maintaining our dynamic. Continue reading

Navigating Bumps: communication and getting back on track

I mentioned in my last post Letter to Sir that I ‘knew the theory’ and what to do ‘to fix things’ but I didn’t always do them.  That reminded me that a while ago someone had asked me to write this post, and for whatever reason it was never published, so here goes.

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain and we all know that D/s is one big and beautiful rainbow. It is magical, it is beautiful and there is always that little crock of gold waiting there at the end of it. Continue reading

Letter to Sir

I want to share with you a letter that I sent to my Sir yesterday. The purpose of doing this is to show that not everything can ever be positive all of the time. Any relationship, especially one with rewards as good as ours, is hard work sometimes. We are human. We stumble and get things wrong and I was aware that most of what I had posted so far was about the times that things work. Continue reading

Oral Sex; when giving meets receiving

I guess that really, giving meets receiving is the crux of a power exchange, certainly one with a D/s slant. Making the other happy and meeting their needs and desires is both fulfilling and consuming in equal measure.  It becomes a powerful part of who you are and who you want to be.  I suppose this was something that I hadn’t really thought much about before entering into it.  I wanted to make my husband happy, of course I did, but usually this was when the mood took me rather than being a standing thing. Continue reading