My Life as a Submissive Wife: living as a married submissive

My Submissive Journal

Posts detailing the highs and lows of loving and living as a submissive wife in a full time Dominant submissive relationship.

Play, Scenes and Kink

Find out more about our play, scenes and the kinky things we get up to as we explore facets of BDSM and out deep and dark desires

My Submissive Musings

My submissive musings posts contain random thoughts, ponderings and inspiration on all things Dominance and submission.

Building a D/s Dynamic

Posts about building and maintaining a D/s dynamic within an already established relationship and living as a submissive wife in a full time power exchange.

submissy - submissive wife

Welcome to submissy. This site is about me, my journey into submission and my life as a submissive wife.

A wife, a mother and a teacher, I became missy when I entered into a full time D/s dynamic with my husband. I started blogging in order to share my experience and to learn from, and support, others.

Submissy is a collection of writing based on my own experience and reflection as a married submissive, but I hope that you will also find it informative and helpful.

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Useful Posts

A selection of some of the key posts on establishing a D/s dynamic, play and growth

D/s for Married Couples

A collection of relevant posts for those starting out in a D/s relationship.

Contact Me

If you would like to get in touch, then please send me a message via my contact page.

Other Projects: memes and series

Posts on aspects of Dominance and submission as part of the Tell Me About Project
Writing which aims to promote honesty and openness, and challenge some of the stigma surrounding mental ill health.
D/s ideas and tasks to celebrate advent but useful for inspiration all year round.

Spank Me?

An exploration into the joys and thrills of spanking

Humiliate Me?

Explore the thrills and excitement of erotic humiliation

Find out more about Feeling Good

A celebration of posts on health, sexuality and style.

Recent Feeling Good Posts

Never too old to be naughty

Submissive Photo Challenge – Exposed


April's Submissive Training

Ever wanted to visit a Submissive Training School?

Follow April as she travels through the alphabet during her stay as she completes the novice programme.

Although the posts are based in a fictional setting of a submissive training school, the content is based on real life experience and knowledge about the aspects of Dominance and submission which are covered.


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